We're back open!

June 24, 2020

Hello BLAST families!

We are opening the rink back up!  However, we have implemented some guidelines to keep everyone safe.  

Our plan is to offer two sessions per evening a couple of nights a week(maybe more). Due to heat concerns, we’d like to try to do these in the evenings.  Could also shoot for an early weekend morning potentially.  These sessions would attempt to be age appropriate if possible.  So Session A might be 10U and Session B would be 13/18U.   

We will have a 30 minute buffer between sessions so that there’s little to no overlap with kids coming and going. Each session will last an hour.  Session A would be from 7-8pm and Session B would be from 8:30-9:30pm.  We may add an adult only session later in the summer, but for now just the kids.



  1. No more than nine “skaters” on the rink at one time, plus one AAU certified “coach” 
  2. Try to maintain social distancing whenever possible 
  3. AAU Coach or AAU Non-Athlete member must be present during use of rink
  4. Hand sanitizer to be available to use
  5. Temperature checks to be administered by AAU coach or AAU Non-Athlete adult before rink use/practice.  Any participant or coach with a temperature higher than 100 F will NOT be allowed to participate.  
  6. No shared or borrowed equipment at this time, especially goalie equipment.
  7. No sharing of water bottles and players are to bring their own water. Please write your child’s name on their water bottle to avoid confusion. 
  8. Anyone showing symptoms, or who have been exposed to Covid-19, will remain at home in quarantine for 14 days or test negative for Covid-19. Please tell us if you or your child have been exposed! 
  9. Attendance logs will be taken to know who was present for each rink “session”(this will be accomplished through Signup Genius)
  10. "High touch” areas will be sanitized if possible(bench door handles, pucks, etc)
  11. Players MUST register before each session online via Signup Genius. If you’re not registered, you will NOT be allowed to use the rink for that session. Once the spots are filled for that session, there will be no more allowed.  
  12. Equipment and dressing should be done in your car parked in the lot or before you arrive. If dressing before you enter the rink is not possible, check with coach to maintain social distance during dressing and store your bag back in the car.
  13. Undressing should be done in your vehicle or quickly after your session. 
  14. At least one AAU “coach” or Parent Board member must be present to monitor rink activities and social distancing.  If possible, another parent will also be responsible for checking temperatures of players as they enter through the gate. 
  15. Only players with a CURRENT AAU membership are allowed to use the rink at this time. NO EXCEPTIONS!-
  16. No friends or family members are allowed on the rink unless they were registered for the spring 2020 season OR are former players AGE 18 OR UNDER. It is recommended that only one family member or guardian accompany the player. That parent MUST also maintain social distancing guidelines in the stands or wait in their car.
  17. Parents and coaches (basically anyone who comes to use the rink) MUST SIGN a ONE-TIME COVID-19 waiver via this link BEFORE using the rink for any session:


AAU Coaches or AAU non-athlete adults will determine the schedule per their own availability and we will send out Sign-up Genius links for each session block via email. Only 9 skater slots per session will be available at this time. 


Thanks much!

BLAST Parent Board

It's with heavy heart from Blast Youth Roller Hockey that the Parent Advisory Board has reluctantly decided to announce the cancellation of the spring session.  With the Social Distancing rules still in force at this time by both the Governor and AAU it has become untenable to try to schedule out the time we have left before the weather becomes too hot to play.  It is unfortunate, but we thank everyone for being understanding that we need to put everyone’s health as our top priority during this difficult time.  We look forward to the time we can all get back out on the rink and play and watch this game we love.


Watch your e-mail, Facebook and the Blast Website for future announcements as we do plan on having some night time pick up scrimmages this summer once the ban is lifted that we hope to see everybody at.  We also hope to see everybody for the fall session.


Blast will be issuing refunds to those members that paid during registration as soon as they can be processed.  Look for them to credit your payment method between April 15th - April 30th or there about as it will take a little bit for the charges to clear.  We will be issuing a full refund minus the cost of the Jerseys which have already been paid for.


The Jerseys are in and the advisory board has them.  We will be distributing them out to your coach in the upcoming week or so.  Please make arrangements with them to get your child's when it is feasible to do so.  If there are any issues getting your Jersey please contact us.  We are going to try, where feasible, to re-use the Jerseys for the fall session so please hang on to them.


If there are any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get through this and for all you do.

March 4, 2020

Land O'Frost is one of our best, and yummiest, sponsors year-in, year-out.  Here is an opportunity to make some more money for the league.  Download this app to your phone and you can get coupons for Land O'Frost products and our league will benefit when you set it up.  Click on this banner for more details.

February 10, 2020

Happy Monday Blast Inline Families,
You will find the Bellevue Sports Weekly paper at the following link.

In addition you can browse to: 
and scroll down to downloads and click to read more.

We use this as a form of advertisement as well as will run Blast articles in the paper once a season. Feel free to share with others. Registration is still open and we are adding a "refer a friend" incentive. For every referral your player receives for registration, your player will receive a $10 voucher for our concession stand to be used during the Spring 2020 season! Have a great day!

Thanks to everybody who made it out today.  Hope you had fun.  The league wants to remind you that the water fountain is shut down right now to prevent freezing pipes so it is important to remember to bring water for your kids from home.  Even though we've been having some great, cool weather they still get thirsty when they are out there playing hard.  The port-a-potty is also closed and the Baseball rest rooms are not open yet so plan your visit accordingly.  For new parents, the squeeze bottles with the long straws are really helpful so they can drink through the cage of their helmet.  Stay tuned for more announcements of happenings before team practices start up.


AAU Membership


All players, coaches, and referees are required to have an AAU membership.  AAU fees are $14 youth / $16 adult membership per year.  Fall season memberships will carry over to the following Spring season. Below are registration instructions:

  • AAU memberships are valid from 9/1 – 8/31.
  • To register, all players, coaches and referees need to go to
    • Click on "New Membership"
    • Players should select "Youth Athlete Membership", and coaches & referees select "Non-Athlete or Adult Athlete Membership"
    • For sport, select "Hockey - Inline and Ice", coverage should be "Regular".
    • For club membership, Youth Incorporated's Blast Youth Roller Hockey CLUB CODE IS: WYA4DT
  • Print membership card and bring to your next practice or opening weekend.


Parents...Get Involved! 

The strength of our league depends on the support from our parents. Want to help coach? How about a shift in the concession stand? There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. Email for more info.


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