Jamar Taylor Hardship Scholarship Program

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Jamar Taylor was a Football coach for many years with Barstow youth football. Coach Taylor was a great husband, father, son and a Coach. Coach Taylor believed in student athletes and brings people together for one common goal and that was to teach us how lucky we are to have someone in our lives that cares for us.

Coach was a strong believer in hard work, good grade and family, this is why Barstow community football is proud to offer a football scholarship for young boys or girls to play in a sport that Coach Taylor loved.

Coach Taylor will be missed but never forgotten. The Board of Directors has set up a hardship program under his name to help prospective youth football players who are experiencing financial hardship and need help paying the registration fees. We do this in honor of Coach Jamar Taylor who worked very hard to make sure that all kids had an opportunity to play the game.

We have a limited number of scholarships available and we regret that we cannot assist everyone who applies for a hardship, but we will make every effort to ensure as many players as possible have an opportunity to play organized football in the City of Barstow.