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  • 2019 super bowl champs Tiny mites
  • 2019 Super Bowl Champs Freshman
  • 2019 Super bowl Champs Juniors


Age Weight Matrix


       Age Weight Matrix


Football weights




Tiny mites 5 & 6                        95Lbs 

         7 year old                        65Lbs


Freshman 7 & 8                         115Lbs

         9 years old                       95Lbs 


Sophomores 9,10, & 11              135Lbs

                  12 year old              110Lbs


Juniors 10,11,12, & 13               195Lbs

              14 years old                140 Lbs


(Limit of 3 per team, no 9th grade or players with previous high school experience) 







Tiny Mite

5,6 & 7




7,8 &9




9,10,11 & 12




10,11,12,13, & 14
































Chapter By-Laws - 2020

Chapter By-Laws - 2020


The Barstow Community Football Association, Inc., herein after referred to as BCF interchangeably, is a non-profit organization devoted solely to providing the opportunity for the youth of the Barstow area to participate in a properly equipped, organized football program under the rules and regulations set forth by the High Desert Youth Football and Cheer herein after referred to as HDYFC interchangeably.

Section 1- Objectives

1. The Objective of the of the association is to provide a supervised program of football which builds character and inspires the ideas of physical fitness, good citizenship, and sportsmanship to each youth participating, through a common interest in fair play, and working as a team to ensure the safety and welfare of the youth is foremost and free of adult ambition for personal glory.

Section II- Membership

1. The membership of the association shall be comprised of one family member or any person involved and or affiliated with B.C.F. Annual membership fees to vote at  board meetings, will be $10.00. Members can join from Jan. 1 until August 5th. Any membership fees not paid by the member will result in the member not being able to vote. Board of Directors do not have to pay.

Section III- Administration

1. The Barstow Community Football Association, Inc. shall be under the direct administration and control of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall establish all policies and regulations; receive, administer, and expend all funds, as well as establish and regulate all schedules in accordance with the SCYFC Official Rulebook, and provide overall supervision and guidance to the entire program.

2. The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner,  Secretary, Treasure, Chapter Athletic Director, Equipment Manager, Snack Bar Manager, Cheerleading Coordinator, Director of Coaching Certification, and the Public Affairs Coordinator. The President shall appoint the Board Members at the December General Membership Meeting. The Board of Directors shall appoint all members at large. No appointees shall be elected to the Board of Directors without being present or unless having presented a letter of acceptance at the nomination and installation meeting.

3. Appointees from the President shall be taken at the December meeting of the Association, Appointees must be present to accept the nomination, or a letter of acceptance is delivered to the President at the time of the meeting. 

4. The term of the Board of Directors shall be one (1) year with the exception of the President shall have a (4) year term consecutively, and shall run from January to December. The immediate past President shall serve on the incoming board in an advisory capacity.

5. A member of the Association shall be appointed by the President to replace a board member not able to fill his/her term of office.

6. All changes in rules, all technical interpretations of the rules or policy changes and all approval of equipment for use in the association shall be deemed in affect when voted on and approved at a general meeting and become a matter of record in the minutes of said meeting. These changes in rules and policies are subject to the approval of the SCYFC organization and are amended by a majority vote of the entire Board of Directors.

7. Any changes in these by-laws shall be submitted to the By Laws Committee for recommendations, suggestions, and final approval of the Board of Directors.

8. All Barstow Community Football Association Board meetings will be governed in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

9. In an emergency requiring an immediate majority vote, a Quorum can be established by telephone and a vote received from the members of the Board of Directors.

10. No team, cheerleading squad, coach, or any person or parent associated with Barstow Community Football will be allowed to conduct their own fund raising activities, collect private donations, or use Barstow Community Football Association’s name without prior approval from the Board of Directors. Any and all merchandise, pre-approved by the Barstow Community Football Association Board of Directors, shall be the only merchandise sold at Barstow Community Football functions (i.e. Clinics, Practices, Games, Parties, and Fund raisers).

11. Definitions:
a. General membership meeting: Board meeting open to the public 2nd Thursday of each month
b. Executive membership meeting: Board meeting and invited guests only

12. No part of the earnings of Barstow Community Football shall go to its members, trustees, officers, or other private individuals except that the association shall pay compensation to board members for reimbursement for authorized driver for all required and/or requested trips to conference meetings at $15.00 per trip upon receipt of statement showing date and purpose of trip. Request for reimbursement must be submitted at the next General Membership meeting following the date of travel. No other salaries or compensation will be provided in conjunction with the operation of the Executive Board of Barstow Community Football. This section WILL be approved on a yearly basis. Reviewed annually at the first general meeting after the Ways and means meeting (budget).

13. Parent’s bad/NSF checks shall make the checks good and shall also pay any bank charges assessed to Barstow Community Football. If not, the child will not participate in the program. If any fund-raiser money is not returned, the child shall not receive any awards by Barstow Community Football.

14. All funds received in excess of current operating year expenses shall be carried over into the next operating year. These funds shall be used to service and repair equipment, which has lost its usefulness, and to buy new equipment when required. No one individual has a vested interest in the equipment or money belonging to the Barstow Community Football Association. Member’s liabilities are limited to the registration fee only. In the event Barstow Community Football Association should disband, all equipment and money would be transferred to the City of Barstow to hold and be used on a future organized Youth Football program for the City of Barstow.


15. No youth football gear will be loaned out during or after regular season for CAMPS,TRAVEL LEAGUES or any other CONTACT CAMPS OR GAMES. All gear must be returned at the end of the season because of recondition of Helments due to new state law

SECTION IV- Board of Directors and Duties

1. At the November General Membership Meeting, the nomination for President shall be nominated and voted on by Barstow Community Football voting members only. The election for president will then be held at the December meeting by the BCF voters in a show of hands.  Only registered voters will be allowed to vote at the December meeting. One (1) vote per family (example: 3 kids involved within one (1) family one (1) vote). The elected president will then elect his/her board of directors at the December meeting.

a. President – Shall preside aver all board meetings and shall represent the chapter to the High Desert Youth Football and Cheer Association. This person shall appoint and be responsible for attendance and performance of all Conference Committee members of the Chapter, and shall administer the rules of the High Desert Youth Football and Cheer Association and the Barstow Community Football Association By-Laws to the members of the Chapter. The President shall oversee the administrative and financial affairs of the chapter and shall investigate any complaints brought by the board. A report of any investigation shall be given to the board for any action deemed necessary. The President shall ensure that all Board of Directors positions are filled in accordance with the Barstow Community Football By-Laws.

b. Vice President - Will act for the President in his/her absence and will assume duties delegated to him/her by the President, and will automatically succeed the President if for any reason the President retires before serving a full term. The Vice-President will chair the By-Laws Committee.

c. Commissioner and Deputy commissioner - Shall administer the rules of conduct for the football program as per By-Laws of this charter and the High Desert Youth Football and Cheer Association. Has overall responsibility for the conduct of the coaches, players, team A.D’s and anyone else involved Barstow Community Football. Shall investigate any and all complaints about or from the coaches, parents, players, and team A.D.’s. The Commissioner is given discretionary powers to permit carrying out the policies expeditiously, AND MUST report directly to the Board on all matters. The Commissioner is also a member of the Conference Executive Council along with the President of the Board. If the Commissioner is a coach and there is a complaint toward him/her, the Board President will act upon the complaint.

d. Treasurer - Shall receive all money that accrue to the chapter from any source and deposit and keep all records of the same in the name of the chapter, and shall make a report to the Board at each meeting. This person shall see that all bills authorized are paid and that no unauthorized obligations are incurred. If any member of the chapter collects money on behalf of the chapter, that member shall present the exact amount to the treasurer within one week of receipt. The treasurer shall be in an advisory position for the standing committee of the Budget/Ways and Means. The treasurer shall provide a monthly budget statement to the Board.

e. Chapter Athletic Director - Shall be responsible for the conduct and activities for each team athletic director for each chapter team. Shall be responsible for the strict adherence to the High Desert Youth Football and Cheer Association rules by the chapter, regarding home team requirements, equipment, and weight allowance. The Chapter Athletic Director shall handle all insurance matters and maintain complete and accurate files. This person shall distribute to each team athletic director the A. D. Guide, the rules and the procedures, along with conference forms as required by the rules

f. Equipment Manager - Shall be responsible for the selection and replacement and supplies and work in conjunction with the Board of Directors in delivery of equipment. The Equipment Manager shall work with team head coaches for final inventory, cleanliness, inspection, and storage for all equipment loaned to individual teams for the administrative year. The Equipment Manager shall conduct a 100% inventory of all equipment prior to the beginning of the end of the season (by last board meeting). These inventories will be presented to the Board of Directors with a discrepancy list. This person shall also be responsible for soliciting bids, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for the purpose of maintenance certifications and accountability of the chapter property.

g. Immediate Past President - Shall serve the in-coming Board in an advisory position, providing he/she has completed his/her term of office. If for any reason the past president retires before the completion of the administrative year, this position shall not be filled.

h. Members at Large - Shall assume all duties delegated to them by the Board as deemed necessary. The Members at Large are Voting members of the Board of Directors.

i. Snack Bar Manager - Shall be responsible for purchasing supplies and will turning all money to the Treasurer. The Manager will conduct the normal business of the snack Bar. Responsibility for staffing the snack bar at home games shall be the Athletic Director of each team in coordination with the Snack Bar Manager.

j. Cheerleader Coordinator - Shall be responsible for the conduct and activities of each cheerleader team mother. Shall investigate all problems and complaints about or from the cheerleader team mother, parents and cheerleaders will handle all cheerleader registrations to ensure contracts are complete and ready for the A. D.’s to certify. Will distribute and collect all cheerleader uniforms as necessary. Shall be responsible for soliciting bids and coordinating money makes with approval and direction of the board of Directors.

k. Coach Certifying Director - Shall be responsible for the training and certifying all coaches.

l. Publicity Coordinator - Shall be responsible for the publicity for newspapers and the ratio in sign-up dates, General meeting times and dates, and ordinate submission of game write-ups from each Head Coach for the newspaper. Will coordinate taking pictures by volunteers and newspaper staff for games. Shall assist the secretary in all correspondence duties.

m. Board of Directors Conduct - All Board Members are subject to removal from their position on the Board, by the Board of Directors at any time with a majority vote. All members must vote or abstain at an Executive Board Meeting. This is not for rule violations only, but includes causing problems or discontent within Barstow Community Football. By making false accusations or not being a team player. A poor attitude or causing discontent may result in the result in the removal of any Board Member.

Section V – Committees

1. The Board of Directors shall establish committee to improve the operation of the Barstow Community Football Chapter. A representative from each committee shall attend all general meeting of Barstow Community Football.

a. By-Laws Committee - This committee is the responsible for scrutinizing current By-Laws for effectiveness and purpose and approval of any new additions, recommendations, or changes to the governing By-Laws of Barstow Community Football. This committee will be comprised of Board Members in good standing, chaired by the Vice-President.

b. Sign-up Committee - This committee shall consist of all head coaches, head cheer coaches, Athletic Directors, and Treasure. This committee will prepare and update a parent’s guideline as to what is to be expected of them during the season. This will be presented to the parents at sign-ups

c. Fundraiser Committee - This committee shall be responsible for the coordination of fundraisers and money makes of Barstow Community Football. The Publicity Coordinator, Secretary, and Snack bar Manager, with the Treasure serving in an advisory role shall head this committee. This committee shall obtain Board approval for any fundraisers/money makes report said status of it to the Board of Directors.

Section VI- Team Composition: Filling Roster/Loss of Player

1. All players will be placed on an active roster when registration fees are paid in full. Team rosters will consist of 35 players for all teams. Tryouts will be held during the first week of conditioning and cuts will be held at the end of the week. All players cut will be placed on a waiting list based on sign-up Dates and Time first come first served.

2. All players will be allowed five pounds (5lbs) over the maximum weight for there age group. If the player is over the 5lbs as of the first day of practice then he/she will be moved up to the next level. If the player can not be moved up due to age then they can only condition utill they have met the 5lbs weight (no contact at all).

3. A final team roster shall be submitted to the Barstow Community Football Board of Directors for the purpose of placement on the eligibility list. The team A.D. will prepare a list of Youths not placed on the final roster. The youth’s contract will accompany the list. The team A.D. will provide to the Chapter Athletic Director a prioritized eligibility list, which will be by order of date and time.

4. In the event any team loses a player through injury or any other reason, the Head Coach, with the approval of the Chapter Athletic Director, may, provided all regular requirements are met, fill the vacancy by selection of a replacement from the eligibility list provided by the Chapter Athletic Director. In order to provide proper conditioning, any player selected must complete their ten (10) hours of physical conditioning.

5. Only the Head Coach may reinstate any player who quits a team. The decision may be appealed to the Commissioner or deputy commissioner and the out come is finael.

6. No Head Coach who leaves a team by quitting or walking off the practice or playing field shall be reinstated by any member or members of the team coaching staff. Reinstatement will be at the discretion of the Executive Board of Directors after an investigation and hearing has been completed. All coaches follow under the 

7. Any player/cheerleader, who misses one (1) or more practices without a valid reason from his/her parent or guardian only, shall not be eligible to participate in the weekend games. Any disciplinary problems shall be reason for automatic game suspension. The Team Athletic Director shall be notified by the Head Coach in writing. The parents shall be notified by 8:00 p.m. Friday prior to that weekend game, explaining why their child will not be participating. The team A.D. will notify the Chapter A.D. and the Commissioner.

8. Grievances, which arise from the parents, shall be brought to the attention of the team A.D. who will try to resolve the complaint. If the grievances still exists, a letter will be written by the parent explaining their complaint and given to the Commissioner or the Deputy commissioner. Commissioner or the Deputy Commissioner results are final.

9. Any player/cheer parent who causes discontent or that will not adhere to Barstow Community Football rules may result in removal of that said parent and also the child. A child is also responsible for the actions of their parents. Their will be no refunds to the parent/guardian for these actions, by the Barstow Community Football Board of Directors

10. Player Placement: Selection/Placement of players for All Divisions including same division rosters will take place following at least two (2) days of players in full equipment. The Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner will set date of player placement.

Section VII - Player Qualification

1. All players will be governed under the rules and regulations and pass a physical in accordance with the SCYFC .

2. Players at all levels will adhere to the SCYFC guidelines for minimum plays. The play rule for SCYFC is football players on the game day or game time roster; 22 players or below must play 10 plays, 23 players and above must play 7 plays by the end of an official SCYFC game. The minimum number of plays is for any post regular season games.

3. Violations of this rule will be disciplined. In the event a player is inadvertently kept from playing his/her plays, he/she will automatically start the next game and play until the total plays from both weeks are met.

4. The Board of Directors will make a determination if there should be two (2) teams within any specific division; this decision will have to be approved by the HDYFC because of scheduling and alignment reasons.

a. The Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and the Chapter Athletic Director and the Head Coaches. Will meet at date set in section vi #10


b. The Commissioner and the Head Athletic Director will oversee all parts of the selection, and also set up the conditioning and contact practices, so that it is fair for both coaching staffs.

Sections VIII - Team and Player Protection

1. Insurance: Every team, each player and cheerleader will be insured by a secondary health and accident policy prescribed by the . Team
Athletic Directors shall maintain compete and accurate files on player/cheerleader injuries and follow reporting guidelines as given by SCYFC Association. A copy of this report will be given to the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner with in 48 hours. Any player or cheer which needs MD treatment must give the contact and the ID card to the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner with in 24 hours. The player or cheer must give the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner the dotors release to receive the contract and ID card to play again.

2. Each Youth, upon acceptance and placement on a team, will be required to purchase a pair of suitable athletic shoes. No youth will be permitted to play without a soft cup. No jewelry or watches will be worn during any Barstow Community Football activity, to include clinics, conditioning, and practices or on the game field.

3. All registration fees as determined by the board are due at sign-ups. At the end of the first week of conditioning, if the player is not placed on a team, money will be refunded. Once a player is paper certified, no refunds for any reason. All requests for refunds prior to paper certification are submitted in writing and reviewed the Board of Directors. All request for refunds are subject to $20 processing fee. Application of said fee to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

4. If any piece of equipment is not returned by a player at the end of the season, the player’s parent shall be assessed a fair market value for said piece of equipment excluding normal wear and use. Prior to the beginning of the season the parent must sign an affidavit saying they are responsible for the equipment. The team A.D. or Head Coach will keep a copy of the affidavit and a copy will be given to the parent.

5. The return of all equipment issue to a player is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardian of said player. The Head Coach will be responsible for the accountability and cleanliness of all equipment and its return.

6. Each player shall be furnished the following equipment on a loan basis and may only substitute personal shoulder pads or helmets of the approval of the equipment manager. The equipment manager must also approve visors and only clear visors may be used.

a. 1 durable helmet /face mask
b. 1 pair of practice pants/game pants
c. 1 chin strap
d. 1 pair of shoulder pads
e. 1 belt
f. 1 practice jersey (while supplies last)
g. 1 pair of hip pads
h. 1 pair of kneepads
i. 1 pair of thigh pads
j. 1 girdle
k. 1 tailbone pad
l. 1 jersey

7. Each player shall be furnished with the following on a keep basis: 1 mouthpiece, 1 pair of socks.

8. The player, their parents, or a sporting goods store shall alter no equipment, such as a cage or helmet. No equipment shall be altered by any person except the Equipment Manager with prior approval of the Board of Directors.

9. No player shall be allowed to abuse any equipment loaned to him or her.

Section IX – Sponsorship

1. Sponsorship in the Barstow Community Football Association, Inc. will be made available only to those social organizations, fraternal organizations, commercial organizations, industrial organizations, and individuals or other organizations as approved by the Board of Directors.

2. The Board of Directors shall establish sponsorship fees, and such fees shall constitute a contribution to the general treasury of Barstow Community Football Association, Inc. and shall not entitle the sponsor to any direct control of said teams.

3. Sponsorship will be handled by Individual teams (Cheerleader constitute one team). A minimum of $500 dollars to be collected by each team. All fees will be turned into the Barstow Community Football Treasurer.

4. Gifts such as hats, shirts, jackets, etc. Shall not be considered sponsorship fees if they are given to specific team. The Head Coach will ensure that all teams get the same gift. Gifts can be functions such as a team dinner. No cash should be exchanged between team representative and the person or the organization giving the gift. All head Coaches and Cheerleader Coordinators are required to submit a report of all gifts received and their monetary value to the Chapter Treasure at the next General Membership meeting following the date they received the gift. The Chapter Treasure will then give a report to the Board of Directors at the next General Membership meeting. The acceptance of any gift by a team or squad is subject to approval of the Barstow Community Football Association, Inc.

5. All money makes sponsored by Barstow Community Football including individual teams such as punt, pass and kick or candy sales will go into the general fund and the treasurer will keep a record how much each team turns in.

6. No sponsorship advertising logos will be allowed on any football player or cheerleading uniforms.

7. No team is to ask parents/guardians for money to buy specific items such as socks, shirts, snacks, etc.

Section X

1. The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and the SCYFC Football and Cheer Association shall govern all playing rules.

2. Playing Fields: Playing fields shall be regulation C.I.F 100 by yards by 53 1/3 yards.

Section XI - Playing Rules

1. Each football team under the direction of the team A.D. shall have an adult person at least 21 years of age to be called Team mom. The Team Mom is selected by the team A.D and is to be head up all special activities for the team they represent. This person will be responsible for all social functions throughout the season.

2. The Cheer Coordinator shall under the direction of a Cheerleader Coach at least 21 years of old, select each cheer squad. The cheer Coaches are too responsible for the selection of cheerleaders and conducts the practices of the practices. The cheerleader helper must be at least 14 years old or in the 9th grade, and is to be responsible for teaching the cheerleader session without the supervision of the Cheerleader Coach or Assistant Cheerleader Coach. All cheer squads are to be considered as part of the football team they cheer for

Section XI – Cheerleaders

1. Each team may have a cheerleader squad and shall have a maximum of the fifteen (15) cheerleaders including mascots.

2. Any child may be a cheerleader as long as they meet the age requirements set forth in the CIF Official Rule Book.

3. Each child, upon meeting all requirements and placed on a cheerleader squad, will be required to pay a registration fee. The Board of Directors will set Registration fees. Registration fees must be paid at sign-ups. Cheerleaders will be placed on a roster by sign-up date. Any cheerleader not placed will be on a waiting list.

4. Each child will receive a uniform. All children will wear the same uniform for all the games. Parents will be responsible for purchasing shoes and socks.

5. Cheerleader and mascots will complete a player contract. Contracts and cheerleader rosters will be given to the Cheerleader Coordinator. A copy of the birth certificate is required.

6. Homecoming ceremonies are for all teams and are to be coordinated by the Cheer Coordinator. Cheerleader Coaches must discuss all activities with the Cheerleader Coordinator and obtain prior approval. No homecoming queens; all cheerleaders will be recognized equally.

7. Mandatory Cheerleader Coaches meeting s will be held prior to the first game with the Cheerleader Coordinator.

8. Only cheerleaders, cheerleader coaches, assistant cheerleader coaches, cheerleader helpers, and the cheerleader Coordinator are allowed on the field

Section XIII - Board of Directors

1. In order for this chapter to operate properly, it is essential that Board Members attend the meetings to be held monthly. Each Board Member and Head Coach will be contacted by phone or mail and told of the meeting date, time, place, and of the meeting whether general or executive. In addition, the local news media may be used as a legal means of contact for board members and others who have an interest in Barstow Community Football.

2. Any Board Member not fulfilling his/her duties or has missed two (2) consecutive meetings without valid reasons shall be asked to resign with or without being present and shall be replaced by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. If said appointment is maid in the absence of the Board Members, said member shall be notified in writing of said replacement.

3. It is mandatory that the Head Coach or one of his/her staff and/or his/her A.D. attends the general meeting held monthly. This will help improve communication between the teams and the Barstow Community Football Board of Directors. Each Head Coach will be contacted and told of the meeting date, time, and place. To leave the field and give up your field pass


Section XIV – Applicability

1. The SCYFC solely governs all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures that are not outlined specifically in these By-Laws.

2. In the event of protest, questions, or disagreements, it shall be the responsibility Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner to settle and make any decisions relative to the league upon confirmation by the SCYFC Association.

Section XV - Area of League

1. The area for Barstow Community Football shall extend to the youths within the geographically boundary as requested by Barstow Community Football and approved by the HDYFC. Approved boundaries shall consist of the Barstow Unified School District and the Silver Valley School District areas.

Section XVI - Ethics of Coaches

1. The Coaching staff will not use any tobacco products in front of youth, in the dressing rooms, on the bench, during workouts, or during games or at any Barstow Community Football function.

2. The coaching staff shall not criticize or insultingly dispute the decisions of official’s public.

3. The coaching staff not criticizes players before spectators, but reserve constructive criticism for private. Members of the coaching staff will council players on a one on one basis in private

4. The coaching staff shall not offend or criticize the opposition by words or gestures.

5. The coaching staff shall not permit a player who has been injured and under medical attention to play unless the player obtains a doctor’s ‘release form’.

6. The coaching staff shall not strike any player in abusive manner.

7. The coaching staff shall not give excessive exercise to team members, i.e. running bleachers, and other methods as disapproved by the Board.

8. The coaching staff shall not grab the facemask of any player

9. The coaching staff shall not be at a game or practice field or any Barstow Community Football function with alcohol or under the influence of drugs.

10. The behavior attitude of coaches and assistance coaches is vitally

important as an example to the youth of good sportsmanship and citizenship. All coaches shall abide by all rules as set forth and shall be required to sign an acknowledgement that they have read the same. No coach, assistant coach, or player will be permitted to interrupt the progress of any regularly scheduled game except to ask for an interpretation of an official ruling.


11. Coaching Staff will not be allowed on the field during a game, the Head Coach can not go pass the numbers, you will be asked to leave the field and give up your field pass.

Section XVII - Requirements for Head Coach Position

1. The Head Coach and Assistant Coach will meet the requirement of HDYFC clinic(s) dealing with football, prior to the season.

2. The Barstow Community Football Board of Directors shall interview all the individuals applying for Head Coach Positions. If any applicant is related to a Board Member (spouse, parent, child), that member is disqualified from participating in the selection of the position for which the person is applying. The Head Coach will appoint all other applicants for positions as Assistant Coaches, Athletic Directors, and Trainers; the Board of Directors can review coach’s application.

3. All head Coaches must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older, and at least one person from each team shall be medically qualified in accordance with SCYFC.

4. No player will be singled out for individual awards, such as “most Valuable Award”

5. Head Coaches are ultimately responsible for the conduct and actions of their coaching staff, players, and other staff associated with their programs both on and off the field.


6. All Coaches, players and cheer will participate in all seasonal fundraisers with the option of the buy out of $20.00 each fundraiser.

Section XVIII - Effective Date of By-Laws and Revisions

1. Any revisions to the By-Laws, approved by the Barstow Community Football Board of Directors, shall be effective on the first day of April each year through March 31 of the following year. Henceforth, all By-Laws are revised by March 31 and effective of the following year.


1. All public relations and advertisements will be in control by the chapter board. Radio, News Paper, T.V., etc.) If a coach or a non-board member are to violate this By-law, that person will be suspended from all B.C.F. activities for 1 week. 2nd offense there will be a 2 week suspension. 3rd offense there will be a suspension of 1 calendar year.

2. Deputy Commissioner will assume the responsibilities of Commissioner when the chapter Commissioner is not available.

3. Discipline for breaking any of the By-laws will be 1 week suspension for the first offense, 2 weeks for the 2nd offense and one calendar year for the 3rd offense.

4. All money will be counted by two of the following people, the Treasure, the Secretary, or the Commissioner. And then a form will be filled out with both signatures.

5. Any money spent by board members will be reported to the treasurer within 24 hours, and a recipt will be given to the treasure within 72 hours.

6. No money is to go home with any board members, the Secretary will use night deposits.

7. All board members are required to attend at least 85% of the monthly meetings. Any board member that does not attend 85% of the meetings, will be suspended from the chapter, unless it has been cleared by the chapter Commissioner.

8. If the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner are not present, then President will be responsible to take over there duty’s.

9. Equipment Manager will be responsible for issuing equipment to players and coaches. No player will be issued equipment without it being entered into the spreadsheet on the Equipment Managers laptop. If a player or coach needs to exchange any gear, then he or she must wait until the Equipment manager is available. If the Equipment manager is not available, then the secretary will be in charge of exchanging the equipment, and logging it into the system for the Equipment Manager.

10. All coaches, athletic directors, and board members will have to sign a document issued by B.C.F that they read and understand the BCF by-laws. Failure to sign the document will result in a 1 week suspension, and so on until the document is signed.

11. Athletic Directors will make an inventory every two weeks of helmet serial numbers and are to notify the Equipment Managerof any changes. Failure to follow this rule will result in a 2 week suspension for the 1st offense.

12. Any player that quits the team must return all gear within 1 week, it is the responsibility of the teams A.D. to make sure that all gear is returned. Failure to follow this rule will result in a 2 week suspension. 2nd offense will result in a 1 calendar year suspension.

13. Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner can remove any board member, parent, or coach from B.C.F for the following reasons.

a. Theft (stealing, fundraising not approved by board.)
b. Conduct (arguments with player parents, coaches, or board members.)
c. Failure to follow directions from the President or board.
d. Parents that come on the field of play without approval from board.

14. Chief of Security and President will handle all crowd trouble at home games. During disputes at our games the responsibility belongs to the Chief of Security.

15. B.C.F will keep at least 80% of its business in the city of Barstow, unless the Barstow business is 10% higher price than elsewhere.


1. No refunds will be issued unless the player/cheerleader has not been to a practice.

2. Player’s must be paid in half by the first day of practice, and paid in full by week 4 of practices. Any player that has not been paid in full by week 4 will be dropped from the team, without a refund.

3. All unpaid fees from previous years will carry over to the next year, and must be paid in full by the start of the first practice. Parents that need help may apply for hardship review for past fees owed only, and will not be applied for current fees.

4. Any parents caught drinking alcohol at our home field during practices or games will be suspended for 1 calendar year.

5. Any player that does not return there equipment with the correct
serial number will have to pay for the equipment in full by the player’s parent, or legal guardian.

6. Ice chests or coolers will not be allowed at home games unless they are for teams, medical needs or baby formula.

7. Any parent or player caught breaking the code of conduct contract will be suspended for 1 week on the 1st offense, 2 weeks for the 2nd offense, and 1 calendar year for the 3rd offense.

8. No outside fundraisers will be allowed at B.C.F home games or at practices, unless approved by the board. Anyone caught selling outside fundraisers will be removed from the field.

9. No parents are allowed on the football field during games. Failure to follow this rule will result in a 1 week suspension. Athletic Directors and board members are allowed on the field.


1. All Coaches must inform the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner regarding all practice schedules for approval.

2. Coaches that have not paid for their shirt, background check or any other fees will not be allowed to coach the next game. All unpaid fees from the past year will carry over to the next fiscal year, and must be paid in full by the start of the first practice.

3. Fines that are caused by any coaches are to be paid out of his or her own pocket.

4. Any coach caught drinking at any game or practice will be suspended for one calendar year.

5. All coaches will be required to set up and teardown the home field games, and practices. Each team will be assigned a duty for the week. Coaches may change the schedule between each other, as long as the chapter board is aware.

6. No bowl games or any other games will be paid by B.C.F. Any player that wants to borrow equipment for camps will be required to put a full deposit down on the equipment of $125.00. Coaches may not barrow any equipment without the Equipment Managers approval, and the approval must be in writing.

7. If a coach does not give a player 7 to 10 plays in a playoff game, or a super bowl game, he or she will be suspended the next year.

8. Coaches have 2 weeks after their teams season is over to have all of their teams gear returned to B.C.F. Failure to do so will result in a 1-week suspension for the first offense, and a 1-year suspension for the second offense. Head coaches who quit or choose not to collect their teams gear after the season will have to pay for all the equipment, if the head coach refuses to pay for the gear, then B.C.F. will take the head coach to small claims court for the amount owed.


1. Players that miss 2 weeks of practice will have to repeat the conditioning training over.

2. Any player or cheerleader that quits the team before the season
is over will not get a trophy at their banquet.

3. Any player that returns any practice or game pants without being
washed will be charged a $10.00 fee added to their next year sign
up fee.

4. If a player is invited to a bowl game or a football camp and wants to use their football gear from B.C.F. will have to pay a deposit of $125.00, and a rental fee of 30.00 per day.



501c3 Non-Profit Organization

     Home of the FIGHTING AZTECS                                                                                                                                           

    Barstow Youth Football & Cheer was founded in 1971 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  administered by adult volunteers. All funds received are used to further a child ’s sports experience. We have provided youth football to the City of Barstow for 44 years. Our Board has over 119 years combined service from our current Board Members.  (See our headline news for years served by current Members)

Barstow Community Football
501c3 non-profit organization
State of California nonprofit ID # 3146369
Our tax IRS ID number is (EIN) 46-2873588  

Our City Business License 015411

We are proud to be working with these programs:
-- March of Dimes Walk
-- Relay for Life
-- Cancer Walk for Animals
-- Sober Living
-- Barstow High Baseball
-- Barstow High Football
-- Barstow High Girls Softball
-- United Way
-- PAL
-- Barstow Chamber of Commerce
-- Toys for Tots
-- Pal Programs


The primary objectives of the So-Cal elite and Cheer Conference is:
-- to inspire today's youth.
-- to practice the ideals of health, citizenship and character.
-- to bring our youth together through common interest in sportsmanship, fair play, and fellowship.
-- to impart elements of safety, sanity, and intelligent supervision, keeping the welfare of the youth first and foremost.


The goal of our organization is to develop and promote youth football and cheer regardless of race, creed, or gender. We will develop a competitive spirit in all of our participants without compromising their safety or welfare. Winning is not the goal, but developing fundamentals, friendship, and basic leadership skills is. This will determine and is the measure of our success. To achieve these objectives, we will create an environment in which our children will prosper and grow while providing a supervised program that not only supports the HDYFCC but is in compliance with its rules and regulations.


We will endeavor to make the game of football fun for our players, and not a source of glory for ourselves. We will, by our actions and attitude, practice true sportsmanship, remembering that by our example we are teaching our young players to win with humility and to gracefully accept defeat. We will strive to teach the skills of the game with patience and understanding. We will praise when deserved and encourage and teach, not condemn, when a mistake is made. We will remember that the feelings and welfare of our players are far more important than the outcome of any game.


  The main purpose of our organization is to give our children a place to participate in the game of football without all the undue pressures of competitive sports. I feel that we have accomplished this mission and have succeeded in providing a positive and constructive environment in which over 200 youth players were able to play the game of football. On behalf of our chapter, I would like to thank all of the coaches, referees, coordinators, parents, staff, and players who made the 2014 season a success. I am looking forward to even greater things in 2015.

Aztec Pride!
John "Tex" Williams