Barstow Football History

Barstow Youth Football was founded in 1971 and we're proud of our rich history in the sport of football. Barstow is a small town, between 18-25 thousand people but we routinely play cities with twice or triple our population and we routinely win. In fact Barstow has the smallest population in our conference but the biggest heart.

Our football program has always found a way to win and produce great players and coaches for our high school, for colleges throughout the country, and even for pro football. Barstow Community Football is proud of its past performance and its legacy:

Super Bowl Appearances: 42
Super Bowl Wins: 24
Mega Bowl wins: 1
Conference Bowl wins: 1
League Titles: 33
Playoff Appearance's: 204 
Undefeated seasons: 13
NFL Players: 5

Super Bowl/Mega Bowl/Conference Bowl Football Coaches  

2018 Super Bowl jason Rivas tiny mites Undefeated 

2018 Super Bowl Stone Sophomore Undefeated

2018 Super Bowl juniors Joe Melucci Undefeated

2017 Super Bowl Joe Melucci & John Tex Williams

2017 Super Bowl Nikie Freshman undefeated

2017 Super Bowl Dave Hooker Tiny Mites Super Bowl (undefeated)

2016 Super bowl Division B super bowl Champs John Tex Williams & joe Melucci

2015 Chapter of the Year John Tex Williams 

2015 Spirit Stick Champs Britney Gray

2015 Midget super bowl champs *undefeated* Joe Melucci

2014 Chapter of the Year  John Tex Williams

2014 Tiny Mites Super bowl  Chris Hancock

2014 Freshman Cheerleaders Champions Britney Gray

2014 Spirit Stick Champs Britney Gray

2013 All-Star Champs Nathaniel Stone

2013 Freshman Cheerleaders Champions Britney Gray
2013 Spirit Stick Champs Britney Gray

2012 Barstow High School Defensive Coordinator Set 11 School Records John Tex Williams

2012 Super Bowl "Undefeated" Nathaniel Stone
2011 Mighty Mite Cheerleader Champions Dee Dee Criegler
2011 B-Team Super Bowl "undefeated" John Tex Williams
2010 Chapter of the Year John Tex Williams
2009 Super Bowl Scott Fig
2008 CIF-Southern Section finals (BHS) Jose Rubio
2008 All American Conference Bowl John "Tex" Williams
2007 Super Bowl and Mega Bowl "Undefeated" Ray Silva
2006 Ranked 5th Western States Riffians (Semi-Pro) John "Tex" Williams
2004 Super Bowl Luis Santiago
2002 Super Bowl Jay Thompson
2001 Super Bowl Scott Fig
2001 Super bowl Div 2 Eddie Coles
2000 CIF-Southern Section finals(BHS) Dan Smith
1999 CIF-Southern Section finals(BHS) Dan Smith
1998 Super Bowl Don Telkamp
1997 Super Bowl Dick Bosco
1996 Super Bowl Danny Telkamp
1994 Super Bowl "Undefeated" John "Tex" Williams
1993 Super Bowl "Undefeated" John "Tex" Williams
1987 Super Bowl Felix Espinoza
1985 Super Bowl Felix Espinoza
1979 Super Bowl Felix Espinoza
1974 Super Bowl "Undefeated" Bob Deverell