Coach of the Year

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Coach Of The Year

Most of us who have played the game, understand how important coaching is. Nearly all of us can recall the names of every one of our coaches, even the names of the guys that coached us 20 years ago.

Most of us were impacted quite deeply by our coaches and have used the positive experiences of the game to help shape who we are. I for one appreciate all the time, energy, passion and effort all youth coaches put into developing kids and striving for excellence.

The game of football and those who coach it have an important role in the development of our young men and women in today's world. (To view our past history, scroll down to the bottom page)

The Chapter President will pick the best coach that fits the requirements listed below:
-- Retained 90% or better of his/her players.
-- Fielded a competitive team whose potential was maximized.
-- Actively taught life skills.
-- Supported academic excellence.
-- Was the model of sportsmanship.
-- Went beyond the call of duty to weave all players into the fabric of the team.
-- Showed a genuine love for the players and the game.
-- Modeled behavior that his/her players were well served to replicate.
-- Was a man/woman of integrity.
-- Had a passion for developing our youth using the great game of football as his/her tool of choice.
-- Went the extra mile for his/her chapter.
- Raised funds by his/her team to support the Chapter.
-- Taught his/her players how to win with humility and lose with class.
-- Had exemplary sideline demeanor with his/her players and fans.
-- Supported his/her community and the Chapter.
-- Obeyed the Chapter and conference by-laws.

Past Coach of the Year

2013 David Depuee Barstow Community Fotball & Cheer Junior

2012 Nathaniel Stone Hi Desert Youth Football Conference Sophomore
2011 Nicole Duarte Hi Desert Youth Football & Cheer Conference
2011 Jerry Pinkney Barstow Youth Football
2010 Nathaniel Stone Hi Desert Youth Football Conference Sophomore
2009 Nathaniel Stone Hi Desert Youth Football Conference Sophomore
2009 Marshal Laney Hi Desert Youth Football Conference Junior
2009 Daivd Neal Barstow Coummintiy Football
2008 John "Tex" Williams Barstow Youth Football
2007 Ray Silva Barstow Youth Football
2006 Randy Crank Barstow Youth Football
2005 Jay Thompson Barstow Youth Football and Conference
2004 Louis Santiago Barstow Youth football
2003 Paul Knight Barstow Youth football
2002 Jay Thompson Barstow youth Football
2001 Scott Fig Barstow Youth Football
2000 Dick Bosco Barstow Youth Football