All-Underclassmen Teams

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                All-Underclassmen Teams
  PLAYER Position(s) Class Legion Program
  Stephen Cisik P, OF 2019 Boyertown
  Billy Coleman C, OF 2019 Boyertown
  Nate Cox C, OF 2019 Shillington
  Chris Davis INF, P 2019 Boyertown
  Ryan Davis RF, P 2020 Twin Valley
  Brady Dallas P 2019 West Lawn
  Colin Gerhinger 1B 2019 Exeter
  Brady Gibble OF, P 2020 West Lawn
  Ryan Glenn OF, P 2019 Norchester
  Liam Goletz P 2019 Exeter
  Blake Greenley P, SS 2019 Twin Valley
  Caleb Harrison OF, 1B 2019 Boyertown
  John Harrison INF 2020 Post 217
  Shayn Horrocks INF, OF 2019 Boyertown
  Nolan Kline INF, P 2019 Boyertown
  Tristian Kochel INF, P 2019 Shillington
  Chase Lacey 2B, UTL 2019 Daniel Boone
  Casey McGinley OF 2019 Norchester
  Jack McLaughlin OF, C 2020 Norchester
  Dylan Miller P, OF 2020 Post 217
  Justin Peifer P, 1B 2019 Daniel Boone
  Christian Pochron P 2019 Exeter
  Jack Rinehimer INF, P 2019 Norchester
  Ryan Sayers INF 2019 Norchester
  Jordan Siket C, P 2019 Norchester
  Jackson Sinnamon P, 1B 2019 Shillington
  Payton Spiers P 2019 Exeter
  Matt Stevens OF, 1B 2019 Daniel Boone
  Sean Sutterby P, OF 2019 Boyertown
  The Berks All-Underclassmen team will participate in a Futures Tournament
  at Nor-Gwyn July 27-29      


  PLAYER Position(s) Class Legion Program
  Alex Barlow OF 2018 Exeter
  Andrew Barlow OF 2018 Exeter
  Andy Blum INF 2018 Norchester
  Brett Goodrich 3B, P 2018 Daniel Boone
  Austyn Levengood PF, P 2018 Norchester
  Jack Murphy OF 2018 Twin Valley
  Trey Paige C, 3B 2019 Shillington
  Kris Perez 3B, P 2018 West Lawn
  Mason Quinn INF 2018 Boyertown
  Isaac Ruoss OF 2018 Shillington
  Brad Rutherford INF, P 2018 Twin Valley
  Tucker Sanders 1B, P 2018 West Lawn
  Nate Serba SS, P 2018 Exeter
  Jordan Siket C, INF 2019 Norchester
  Nick Sklenarik 2B, C 2018 West Lawn
  Payton Spiers P, 2B 2019 Exeter
  Matt Stevens OF 2019 Daniel Boone
  Dan Stofko P 2018 Norchester
  Joey Storz INF, P 2018 Twin Valley
  Leif Wergeland INF, OF 2018 Norchester
  The Berks All-Underclassmen team will participate in a Futures Tournament 
  at Freemansburg July 22-23.    


  PLAYER Position(s) Class Legion Program                  
  Noah Angstadt IF 2017 Shillington                  
  Austin Baker OF 2017 Shillington                  
  Connor Coldren 3B, P 2017 Conrad Weiser                  
  Dalton Emerich OF 2017 West Lawn                  
  Andy Fisher OF 2017 Norchester                  
  Grant Fronheiser P 2017
  Jaiden Himmelreich IF 2017 West Lawn                  
  Nick Klee P 2017 Exeter                  
  Tyler Kreitz 3B 2017 Boyertown                  
  Jon Lach C 2017 Exeter                  
  Cory Melchoir 3B ,1B, OF 2017 Boyertown                  
  Ryan Murphy OF 2017 West Lawn                  
  Mike Raineri SS, 2B 2017 Boyertown                  
  Zach Rice P 2017 Twin Valley                  
  Isaac Ruoss OF 2018 Shillington                  
  Nate Serba IF 2018 Exeter                  
  Brian Siket 3B, C, 1B 2017 Norchester                  
  Joey Storz 2B,1B 2018 Twin Valley                  
  Noah Weber P 2017 Shillington                  
  Chase Zurawski C 2017 West Lawn                  

The Berks All-Underclassmen team went 4-0 and swept the Region II

Futures Tournament at Muhlenberg's Gochnauer Field July 23-24.

  PLAYER Position(s) Class Legion Program                  
  Noah Angstadt SS, P 2017 Shillington                  
  Jamie Anundson OF, P 2016 West Lawn                  
  Andrew Bauer P 2016