Volleyball Rules

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Except as designated below, CIF rules will apply.


Sec-1    Team Size/ Rosters/ Playing Time

A team consists of six players playing on the court at one time.  Must have four eligible players present at game time to avoid a forfeit.  All players present should play in every regular season match.

Volleyball size

Varsity A & B teams will use a standard regulation volleyball.   JV A & B teams will use a volley-lite volleyball, if one is present at the match.



Sec-2    Player position

1)            Serving order will rotate clockwise.

2)           At the time the ball is served, the players of each team must be with in their team area in two rows of three players each.

3)            After the ball is contacted for the serve, the players may move from their respective positions.

4)            When a player (s) of a team is discovered out of position, the play must be stopped and the error corrected.  All points scored by team while player(s) was/were out of position shall be canceledIf the team at fault is serving at the time of discovery, aside-out will be declared.

5)            All front row players will be permitted to block and spike from anywhere on the court.  The back row players may not block or attack in front of the 10 foot line.


6)            If your team does not serve first upon the first side out you will be required to rotate before serving.



Sec-3    Length of match

1)            A match shall consist of best two out of three games with the first two games being played with the winner being the first team to (25) (all games will be played under rally scoring, which means that a team will receive a point on every serve).

2)          The third game of all matches will be played to (15) but must win by (2) or be the first team to (20).

3)            After the first game, teams will change sides of the playing area.

4)            In the third game, a coin toss will determine side or serve. (winner to choose side or serve).

5)            Each team will be allowed one time-out per game.



Sec-4       Service

1)            Server can serve anywhere from behind the end line.

2)           J.V.A servers may take one step onto the court when serving, J.V. B players will have a service area (6) feet in front of the end line.

3)            If a player serves before the referee's whistle, the service is taken over.

4)            At the instant that the ball is hit for the service, the server must be behind the end line and between the sidelines, but may enter the court immediately after the ball is hit.

5)               Serving faults include: a) ball passes under the net, b)ball is hit a second time by serving team  or any object before landing in opponent's court, c)ball lands outside limits of opponents court, d) ball hits the roof.

6)            Change of service takes place when a server commits a fault or side out is signaled.

7)            The team which receives the ball for service shall rotate one position clockwise before serving.


8)          A serve cannot be blocked.



Sec-5    Contacting the ball


1)            Each team is allowed a maximum of three successive contacts of the ball before returning it to the opponent.

2)            Ball maybe contacted with any part of the body.

3)            The ball may contact more than one part of the body, down to the waist provided the contacts are simultaneous and that the ball is not held.  (If the ball is considered to be a hard driven ball and a double contact is legal).

4)            A player who contacts the ball or is contacted by the ball is considered to have played the ball.

5)            When the ball rests momentarily in the hands or arms of a player, it is held and a side-out is called.  Ball must be hit cleanly without scooping, lifting, pushing, or carrying.

6)            Common interpretations: a) ball below the waist may not be played with an open hand, b) over head balls must be played in a direction perpendicular to the line of the player's shoulders.

7)           A player contacting the ball more than once without any other player having touched it between contacts will have committed a double hit and a side-out will be awarded to the opponents.

8)           In a simultaneous contact of the ball by two opponents above the net, the team whose side the ball enters has the right to play the ball three times. If, after simultaneous contact, the ball lands in the playing area of either team, the team on whose side it lands will lose the point or side-out.

9)            If two players of the same team contact the ball simultaneously it counts as one play and either player may play the ball next.

10)         If two opponents commit a fault simultaneously, there will be a play-over.



 Sec-6      Blocking 

1)            Blocking can be performed by any or alplayers on the front line. At no time may any back row player block.

2)            Any player participating in a block in which the ball is contacted shall have the right to make the next contact, with it counting as the first hit for that team.

3)            If the ball contacts more than one player during the block, this will still be counted as only one contact even if these contacts were not made simultaneously.

4)            Any blocker(s) may reach over the net but cant contact the ball until completion of the opponents attack.

5)            Following a successfully blocked ball which returns to the attacker's side, the team is allowed three more contacts to return the ball over to the opponents area.


 Sec-7      Spikes


1)            There will be a (10) foot attack line. All back row players must take off behind this line.

2)            Handspassing over the netafter the spike is not a fault.

3)            Back line players may not contact the ball while in the attack unless the ball is below the height of the net when hit.


 Sec-8      In and under the net

1)            If the ball is driven into the net forcefully enough to contact an opponent, it will not be counted as a fault against the opponent.

2)            Touching the opponents court with foot/feet is not a fault provided that some part of said foot/feet remain on or above the center line at the time of contact.


Sec-9       General rules

1)            Coin toss by referee with captains of each team before match will determine service or receive positions. Winner of coin toss may choose to serve or receive the serve first.

2)            Too much complaining or arguing about a call can result in loss of serve or point for opposite team, (depending on which team is serving).  This decision will be made by the referee.

3)            The net will be placed at (7) feet.

4)            Volleyball or similar shoes are required (tennis shoes) and it is recommended that each child has knee and elbow pads.

5)            Substitutions will be allowed with the following restriction: The player must re-enter the game by substituting for the same player who replaced him/her.

6)            Ceiling rule: Any ball contacting the ceiling or over head lights will be considered in play if it remains on the side of the net on which it was played. If the ball ends up on the other side it will be considered out of bounds. If ball contacts basketball hoop extended a side out or point is rewarded.

7)          Do not show up more than (15) minutes before your scheduled game time.

8)          No warm ups during play of the previous game.

9)          No food or drink (except water) in the gym and please supervise all children.

10)        Any child with a cast is not allowed to play.


Additional general rules

1.)  Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their schools parents, fans and players.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  A team may be penalized, a player and/or coach thrown out of the game and/or a team will forfeit the game if the referee deems necessary.

2.)  If a team is going to be short players, they may borrow a player in an effort to avoid a forfeit.   'A' division teams can borrow from lower division teams only.  'B' division teams can borrow from the same division or lower division teams.  No players can be borrowed for playoff games.

3.)  The top 8 teams in the 'A' divisions will compete in the end of season playoff tournament.  There will be two playoff brackets - (teams 1-4) will compete in the gold division and (teams 5-8) will compete in the silver division. If there are less than (8) teams in the 'A' division, the top (4) teams will compete in the playoff tournament.  No 'B' division teams are eligible for the playoffs.

4.)  If necessary, the following tie-breaker system will be used for playoff seeding.... A) head to head - who won when the teams tied in the standings faced off during the season. B) best win - which team beat the higher ranked opponent.  C) coin flip - A coin flip to determine the higher seed.

5.) Each team should gather in prayer before every match.