Basketball Rules

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Except as designated below, CIF rules will apply.

Sec-1    Equipment

All players must wear tennis shoes. Any child with a cast is not allowed to play. No jewelry shall be worn. Boys Varsity teams will use a regulation size basketball (29.5).  J.V. divisions will use a women's size ball (28.5).  Girls divisions (Varsity & JV) will use a women's size (28.5) basketball.  The Pee-Wee division (3rd/4th grade) will use junior size ball (27.5).



Sec-2    Team Size/ Rosters/ Playing Time

All players present should play in every regular season game.  At least four players must be present and ready to play at the scheduled game time. If a team has less than four eligible players at any time, a forfeit will be declared. 



Sec-3    Game time

All basketball games (Varsity, JV & pee-wee games will consist of two (14) minute halves. Stop time will only be used in the last two minutes of each half.  (stop time means it will stop during free throws and when play is stopped due to foul or ball going out of bounds). If a team is leading by (20) or more, stop time will not occur anytime during the last two minutes of the game.



Sec-4    Time outs

Each team will be allowed (2) time-outs per half. Unused time-outs will not carry over into overtime. In overtime, each team will be given (1) timeout.  Overtime used only in playoffs.



Sec-5    Scoring

Shots taken in front or on the 3-point arc will be worth (2) points. Shots taken behind the 3-point arc (both feet) are worth (3) points. All free throws will be worth (1) point. Any player fouled while unsuccessfully attempting a 3-point shot will receive (3) foul shots. ALL TEAMS MUST SUPPLY A VOLUNTEER TO HELP WITH WORK THE SCORERS TABLE DURING ALL GAMES.  THE REFEREES WILL MAKE SURE SOMEONE FROM EACH TEAM IS AT THE TABLE PRIOR TO TIP-OFF.



Sec-6    Jump ball

A jump ball will be used to start the first half and any overtime periods. All other jump ball situations will be determined by the alternate possession rule.



Sec-7    Free throws

In free throw situations, all players must wait until the ball is released from the shooters hand before entering the key. All players not occupying a lane space must stand behind the free throw line extended and cannot pass the line until the ball hits the rim or the back board. J.V. players will shoot from (12) feet.  Pee-wee players will shoot from (10) feet.



Sec-8    Bonus free throws

On the seventh team foul of the half, the opposing team is awarded the "one and one". On the tenth team foul of the half, the opposing team will be awarded two shots as the bonus. This bonus situation will carry over into any overtime periods.


Sec-9  Fouls/ technical fouls


Technical fouls shall be assessed for unsportsmanlike conduct, too many players on the court, delay of game, etc.   All technical fouls will count as a team foul and if on a player, will count as a personal foul as well.   Any player/coach receiving two technical fouls in a single game will be ejected from the game and must sit out the subsequent game.  An intentional or flagrant foul will result in two foul shots and that team will retain possession of the ball.  A player will be removed from the game upon receiving his/her sixth personal foul.



Sec-10  Block / charge

Block/ charge defined: A defensive player has established a legal position by having two feet on the floor and facing his opponent in a neutral stance. A defensive player may raise his hands vertically while on the floor and may jump vertically with arms extended vertically and still be in a legal guarding position.  If the shooter initiates the contact by not going up straight, he/she has drawn an offensive foul. In addition, if the dribbler and his defender are moving in parallel paths in the same direction, neither player may encroach on the established path of his opponent and cause contact.


Sec-11  Full court press

A team that is (20 or more) points ahead will not be allowed to press. Keeping that restriction in mind, varsity teams will be allowed to press the entire game.  J.V. 'A' teams will only be allowed to press during the last two minutes of each half, and at any time during any overtime period (in playoffs). There is no press allowed in JV 'B' games or Pee-Wee basketball games. A warning will be given for the first press violation. The second violation will result in a technical foul being called.


Sec-12  Defensive restrictions

There will be no restrictions on the type of defense (zone, man to man, etc.) that may be employed.


Sec-13  Overtime

Overtime period will be (1) minute long with a stop clock. If still tied, 2nd overtime will be (1) minute long.  If still tied, game will be declared a tie. Each team gets one (30 second) timeout per overtime period.



Additional general rules

1.)  Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their schools parents, fans and players.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  A team may be penalized, a player and/or coach thrown out of the game and/or a team will forfeit the game if the referee deems necessary.

2.)  If a team is going to be short players, they may borrow a player in an effort to avoid a forfeit.  'A' division teams can borrow from lower division teams only.  'B' division teams can borrow from the same division or lower division teams.  No players can be borrowed for playoff games.

3.)  The top 8 teams in the 'A' divisions will compete in the end of season playoff tournament.  There will be two playoff brackets - (teams 1-4) will compete in the gold division and (teams 5-8) will compete in the silver division. If there are less than (8) teams in the 'A' division, the top (4) teams will compete in the playoff tournament. No 'B' division teams are eligible for the playoffs. No playoffs in Pee-Wee (3rd/4th) basketball.

4.)  If necessary, the following tie-breaker system will be used for playoff seeding.... A) head to head - who won when the teams tied in the standings faced off during the season. B) best win - which team beat the highest ranked opponent.  C) coin flip - A coin flip to determine the higher seed.

5.) Each team should gather in prayer before every game.