The 2008 Season is underway

The 2007 season has Started

2007 Bulldawg 89ers

2007 Bulldawg Season Montage

Making a hole

Making a big hit and causing a fumble

Making a tackle behind the line of scrimmage

Getting another QB sack and causing a fumble

Stripping the Ball

Playing Center

2006 Bulldawg 89ers

Waiting to get in the game

Bulldawg "D" Line I play Right Tackle

Running down the RB

Taking a break on the sidelines

That's me # 8 in my Game Jersey

Me about to make a tackle against the Braves

I play left defensive tackle for the Bulldawgs

On the D line

Playing Left OffensiveTackle against ESC

Hand fighting on the line vs ESC

Watching down the D line

Making a Solo tackle against Gold

Me braking through the line in the center

Keeping my man out

I also play Left Offensive Tackle

Playing tackle against 89er Gold

Team captains against Mukilteo

Water break

Me having fun

Me playing on defense

Early practice time I'm #24 in practice

1st scrimmage

I cut my hand at home

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