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2008 Bulldawg Season

Season Record: 6-2
3rd Place Finish

Game 8 (Playoffs): Bulldawgs 6 Richmond White 20

Our season came to an end today with a loss to our sister team, Bulldawg White. We ended the season 6-2 in third place.

Game 7 (Playoffs): Bulldawgs 12 Mukilteo Purple 6

Game 6: Bulldawgs 12 Mukilteo White 0

Game 5: Bulldawgs 20 Interbay 7

Game 4: Bulldawgs 27 Burien 7

Game 3: Bulldawgs 25 Lake City 21

Game 2: Bulldawgs 18 Ballard Silver 12 in OT

Game 1: Bulldawgs 18 SL Green 26

2007 Bulldawg Season

Season Record: 6-2 3rd Place Finish

Game 8 Playoff Game: Bulldawgs 8 Ballard Silver 14

The season came to an end with a Playoff loss in Over time to Ballard. My team finished the season with a 6-2 record in 3rd place.

Game 7 Playoff Game: Bulldawgs 24 Silverlake Black 6

Game 6: Bulldawgs 0 Silver Lake Green 29

Game 5: Bulldawgs 22 Silver Lake Silver 6

Game 4: Bulldawgs 16 East Side Catholic 6

Game 3: Bulldawgs 12 Ballard Silver 6

Causing and recovering a Fumble

Game 2: Bulldawgs 19 Richmond White 6

Game 1: Bulldawgs 20 Mukilteo Purple 0

The 2007 Season has Started

2006 Bulldawgs Season

Season Record: 4-2

2006 Bulldawg season comes to an end.

Bulldawgs lost in the opening round of the playoffs 18-7 to East Side Catholic ending the Dawgs hopes of the 89er league championship this season. This was a game dominated by defense and a couple big plays by ESC as well as questionable clock operating by ESC.

Bulldawgs started on defense. On 1st down Harrison makes the stop after a 3-yard gain. On 2nd and 7, Ely crashing through the line and knocks the ball out of the QBs hand which Marvin recovers for the Dawgs.

Bulldawg offense takes the field. The offense struggled mightily in the first half. The backfield had to be revamped right before the game as Crear was injured in practice this week and is out for the season. Jordon, recovering from the flu was only able to play a few downs before being injured and forced to sit out most of the game. As a result of losing the starting QB and RB, the offense had a very difficult time getting a play off in the first half. Added to their struggles was an offensive like that also struggled. At one point the line was flagged for 3 straight illegal motion penalties.

The Bulldawg defense played well in the first half stopping all attempt by ESC to run up the middle. The defense did give up one play on a sweep to ESC for big yardage that resulted in a TD and then on a 4th and long with less than a min in the half, the defense gave up a 10 yard pass for a TD to give ESC a 12-0 half time lead.

In the 2nd half the Bulldawgs started on offense. They put together an 8-play drive finally getting a 1st down and moving the ball to the ESC 35 yard line but are unable to Score. Though they gained field position.

Bulldawg defense continued to play well as they held ESC to a 4 and out at the ESC 38. Bulldawg offense takes the field again and is only able to move the ball 6 yards as they are once again held to a 4 and out.

Once again the Bulldawg defense takes the field. The ball is on the 32 of ESC. Michael comes up with a huge tackle for a loss of 4 yards on 1st down. On 2nd Ely gets the stop for no gain and on 3rd down Michael makes another tackle in the backfield bringing up a 4th and long. Derrik and Ely make the stop on 4th down for another loss tuning the ball over on downs to the Bulldawgs at the 25 of ESC. The Dawgs best field position of the day.

Bulldawgs take advantage quickly of their great field position as Derrik keeps the ball on a right sweep; Tyree lays out a huge block allowing Derrik to take it the distance for a 25-yard TD. Ely add the extra point to pull the Dawgs within 5, 12-7 ESC.

Bulldawgs are turning things around. It’s the 4th quarter; they only trail by 5 with about 7 min remaining in the game.

Bulldawg defense starts at the ESC 40 needing a big stop. On 1st down Harrison makes a big tackle for a loss of 5. On 2nd, Michael and Ely make the stop for no gain. On 3rd down, Diego and Michael again stop the ball carrier for no gain bringing up a 4th and 15 from the 35 of ESC with 6 min left in the game. Make a stop on 4th and long, drive down for the TD and win the game. Everything was setting up perfectly. However, ESC did not cooperate. On 4th, the Bulldawg defense overwhelms the QB, it looked like a sure sack. The QB somehow breaks out of the pile; Diego chases him down but I unable to make the tackle. The QB zig zags through the defense and somehow breaks into the open and takes it the distance to put the game out of reach 18-7.

Bulldawgs had less than 6 min to score 2 TDs to try and win the game, which they were unable to do.

They boys had a good season. Michael had a great time and really enjoyed playing football. The coaches did a great job with the team. Michael is already talking about next season. The team does have a consolation game next week against their sister team, Bulldawg White.

I'm closing in on the Tackle

October 14, 2006

Bulldawgs suffer 1st defeat on the year 14-6 to Ballard

Bulldawgs started today on defense. Ely exploded through the line on the first play from scrimmage getting to the RB at the handoff for a loss of 2. On 2nd down Ely and Ian make the stop for no gain followed by Jordon and Drew on the stop for no gain on 3rd and Harrison for the stop for no gain on 4th down.

Bulldawg offense takes over on downs at the 40 of Ballard. Crear gets the 1st carry for a loss of 2 on a sweep. Ely gets stopped for no gain on 2nd down and Derrik gains 2 on 3rd down. On 4th and long, Jordon throws a pass to Marvin that falls incomplete.

Bulldawg defense takes the field with the ball at the 42 of Ballard. Tyree makes the first stop after a gain of 8 to midfield. Michael crashes through the line on second down getting a sack and causing a fumble that Ballard recovers for a loss of 2. Ballard has a bad pitch on 3rd down that Jordon and Bradley nearly recovers. On 4th and 10, Michael and Crear make the stop for no gain turning the ball back to the Bulldawg offense.

Both defenses continue to dominate this game as the Bulldawg offense goes nowhere and are held to a 4 and out to end the 1st quarter.

To start the 2nd quarter, Ballard is driven backwards by the Bulldawgs for a loss of 4 on a sack by Ian and a loss of 10 by Derrik and Crear forcing Ballard to punt from their own 28-yard line.

Bulldawg offense takes over at Midfield after the Ballard punt. After 3 runs for little to no gain and an incomplete pass from Derrik to Marvin, Bulldawg defense is back on the field with the ball at midfield.

On first down Michael and Ian make the stop for no gain. Ballard is flagged for holding backing them to their own 35. The Bulldawg defense has been shutting Ballard out for the entire game.However, on the next play, they miss a tackle as the Ballard QB keeps the ball around left end and takes it the distance to take the lead 6-0. Bulldawgs stop the extra point attempt.

Bulldawg offense gets the ball at their own 40 and attempts to answer the Ballard score. Crear breaks lose and makes it all the way to the 37 of Ballard on 1st down. Derrik adds 4 more yards on the next carry and adds 2 more up the middle then Crear makes it to the Ballard 29 to bring up a 4th and 2. Derrik is stopped for no gain on 4th down turning the ball back to Ballard on downs to close out the 1st half with the Bulldawgs trailing by 6.

Bulldawgs start with the ball in the second half. They are unable to move the ball so Ely punts on 4th and long to the 47 of Ballard. Ian gets the first stop after a gain of 2 by Ballard. Marvin and Tyree make the next stop after a gain of 3. On 3rd and 5 from the Bulldawg 48, Ballard breaks a big run all the way to the 33 of the Bulldawgs for a 1st down. The Ballard QB keeps the ball on another sweep on 1st down around left end and once again takes it the distance to put Ballard up 12-0. Ballard makes the extra point kick, which scores 2 points, to take the lead 14-0.

Bulldawg offense once again goes nowhere and is forced to punt on 4th down. Ely gets off another good punt to Midfield.

Bulldawg defense gets the ball right back as Harrison makes the stop for no gain on 1st down. On 2nd, the Defense smothers the ball carrier knocking the ball lose and recovers the ball. Bulldawg ball at the 48 to start the 4th quarter down 14-0.

Jordon keeps the ball on 1st down and gains 6. Crear gets the next carry on a sweep around left end, brakes a tackle, hits the sideline and heads towards the goal line before being dragged down by Ballard at the 12 yard line. 1st down at the Ballard 12. Jordon runs a QB sweep around right end, heads to the outside, cuts back inside and crosses the goal line for the score. Bulldawgs throw an incomplete pass on the extra point attempt. 14-6 Ballard.

Bulldawg defense is back on the field and needs the get the ball back for the offense as time is running out in the game. That’s exactly what they do. On 1st down the defense causes another fumble that they recover. Bulldawg ball at the Ballard 40.

Bulldawgs drive to the Ballard 29 to a 1st and 10. Marvin is stopped for no gain on 1st. Jordon throws an incomplete pass to Tyree on 2nd. On 3rd down Jordon gets off a nice run but it’s called back on a holding call. Now it’s 3rd and long from the 43 of Ballard. Derrik throws incomplete to Marvin. On 4th down, Crear nearly gets the 1st on a nice run around right end but comes up a yard short.

Defense takes to the field with the ball at the Ballard 31. After a stop for no gain on 1st down, the defense jumps offsides on 2nd down giving Ballard an easy 5 yards. Then the defense again jumps offsides giving Ballard another 5 yards and the 1st down. Bulldawgs hold Ballard to 4 more plays and takes over on downs at the 45 of Ballard.

Bulldawgs get the ball with 2:30 left in the game. They are unable to move the ball and turn the ball back to Ballard with 1:11 left in the game. Ballard takes a knee on 1st down. On second, instead of taking a knee, they run it up the middle and fumble the ball. Bulldawgs recover the fumble and have one last chance with under a min to go in the game with the ball at their own 20. Bulldawgs are unable to score as time runs out. 14-6 Ballard.

Bulldawgs played a good game on defense. For most of the game they were able to shut Ballard down completely. However, the defense gave up two long runs for scores around the end on QB keepers that ended up being the difference in the game. Our ends need to do a better job turning the plays inside as we head into the playoffs.
The offense struggled moving the ball consistently today. They did put together one long drive for a score. They’ll need to do more scoring to make it to the championship game. The team needs to block better on the line and in the backfield. Bulldawgs head into the playoff as the #2 seed and should face East side Catholic next week in round 1 of the playoffs.