Want to Wrestle?

I began wrestling at the age of 4 in Nov. 2002.
I train and wrestle for the Pin City Wrestling Club.

I am a 10 time Washington State Champion, Six time Freestyle State Champion and Three time Greco Roman State Champion, Folkstyle State Champion, Five time Washington State Folkstyle Championship Silver Medalist, Freestyle State Silver Medalist, 2x Greco Roman State Championship Bronze Medalist, a 18 time top 4 State Placer and PCJWL Tough Guy Tournament Champion.

For the 2006/07 season, I wrestled as a 1st year Midget at 70lbs.

Highlights of the 2006/076 season include winning the Freestyle State and Greco Roman State championships and going undefeated, 42-0, during the Freestyle and Greco Roman season and taking 4th place at the Folkstyle State Championships. I was 68-4 on the year losing to 3 different wrestlers, two of whom I was able to revenge my losses the other, I never had a chance to wrestle again. I also won the "Outstanding Wrestler" Award at one tournament and my wrestling team awarded me a "Team Trophy" Award for the 2nd year in a row.

For the 2005/06 season, I wrestled as a 2nd year Bantam at 60lbs during the Folkstyle season and at 65lbs during the freestyle season.

Highlights of the 2005/06 season include winning the Freestyle State championships and going undefeated during the freestyle season and winning the Silver Medal at the Folkstyle State Championships. And my wrestling team awarded me a "Team Trophy" Award. I was 59-2 on the year only losing to 1 wrestler.
USA Wrestling Record: 424-45
113 USA Tournaments

USA Season Records:
2012 11-0 Middle School
2011-12 7-0 Schoolboy
2011 12-0 Middle School
2010/11 51-6 Schoolboy
2009/10 38-0 Novice (1 loss to a schoolboy)
2010 7-0 Middle School
2008/09 54-07 Novice
2007/08 41-01 Midget
2006/07 68-04 Midget
2005/06 59-02 Bantam
2004/05 27-15 Bantam
2003/04 33-03 Peewee
2002/03 Scimmages

PCJWL Season Record
9-12 yr old age group wrestling as a 9 year old
2007-08 16-06
I only lost to 2 wrestlers, both 12, the League Champion and league runner up.

5 point Throw in Freestyle

Getting Back Points

Working for points

Hitting a Peterson Roll

Getting another win

Working the Leg Ride

Ready to go

Lets wrestle

Scoring a Fall in the State Finals

Ready to wrestle


Finishing on my feet

Taking it to the mat

Working for a take down

Finishing a take down

Dishing out some pain

Hitting a Shrug to get away

Scoring a fall with a stack

With my Dad

Hitting a throw on Ben at State

Hitting a double leg

Finishing a double leg on Ben

Getting ready to get away

Working for an arm bar

Here I'm working my 2 on 1

Me in red scoring with a Sun Devil

On my way to Winning my 2nd Freestyle State Championship

My brother Eric and Me: 3x Freestyle State Champions

My team awarded me the "Team Trophy" in 2006 & 2007 for going undefeated during the 2006 & 2007 Freestyle seasons and winning the Freestyle State Championships in both seasons and Greco Roman State Championship in 2007.