PBSSA League Policy and Rules 2019-2020

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PBSSA Policy and League Rules 2018-2019

 PBSSA Fall League Rules 2018-2019

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November 2, 2015

Bats approved for Play

We've recently had some questions as to bats that are legal or illegal for our PBSSA softball league. As the bat manufacturers put their materials out to the public they often have ASA and
non-ASA bats in their catalogs.

Please note that just because a bat is stamped "SENIOR SOFTBALL" it does not make it "ASA"approved. PBSSA approved bats MUST appear on the approval list at the "ASA" official website http://www.asasoftball.com and must have the "ASA" stamp on it.

In addition, prior to use an "Orange" PBSSA sticker must be placed on the bat.
Stickers may be obtained from Bob Casey or George Fitzgerald at the field. Bob and George will determine if the bat meets our league specifications.

If you have any question as to whether the bat meets our standards please feel free to contact Directors Bob Casey at bobkc36@yahoo.com or George Fitzgerald at geofitz@bellsouth.net.