Team Mom's are a very important part of the team. They are the ones who make the team snack schedules, help coach hand out uniforms, staff the snack bar for their team's shifts, help plan an end of season get together, and are a main way of getting information out to the players and parents. Team moms are irreplaceable. A great big thanks for all who become a Team Mom!!

Team Mom is as easy as 1, 2, 3

First, type up the game schedule and pass it out to the team.  Click Here for a game schedule template.

Second, you will need to organize the team snack schedule.  Assigning yourself first, and then assigning the team snack in alphabetical order, usually works best.  

Click Here for a team snack template.

Third, you will need to organize coverage for the snack bar.  Every family on your team needs to help cover all of your snack bar responsibilities, unless they have agreed to pay the snack bar fee. As always, if you are having trouble with this responsibility, pleas contact the league as soon as possible at

A great way to tackle this responsibility is to give the first shift to your self and one other person.  Then, bring the sign up sheet to your first practice/game and give everyone a chance to pick the dates that work best for their schedule.  Then fill in the remaining dates alphabetically.  Remember that you need two adults per shift.  Children over the age 14 are permitted to work the snack bar as well.

Click Here for a snack bar template.

Fourth, pass out picture information and collect money and money orders to be turned in on a specific date.  Necessary paperwork, will be handed out.

Last, but not least, organize coaches' gifts and an end of the season party.  Everyone on the team should pitch in to help pay for the gifts equally.  Parties: some teams do pizza parlors, while others have potluck parties in their backyards.  It really is up to you!

(You didn't really think it was going to be just three steps did you?!?!?!)