Redrock Rules and Safety Reminders

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As each season begins the board is tasked with reviewing each of the rules that Little League International publishes.  In certain areas of the rule book the local league is allowed to declare options to the  rules.  Our governing rule is always the Little League Rule Book. 
Teams must show for all scheduled games, regardless of the weather conditions (unless
notified by a league official). Only the City of Las Vegas or the game umpire can cancel or postpone a
scheduled game due to weather.
General Operational Rules
Intermediate (50/70) Division
Juniors Division



Safety Rule Reminders:
No on deck batters are permitted on the 60’ diamonds (rule 1.08)
Only the first batter is permitted outside the dugout between half-innings. 
The traditional batting donut is not permitted (rule 1.10)
Players must not wear jewelry. Watches, necklace, earrings ext. (rule 1.11)
Male player must wear a cup (rule 1.17)
Dangling throat guard must be worn on the catchers helmet (rule 1.17)
Extended chest protectors must be worn on the 60’ diamond (rule 1.17)
Skull caps are not permitted (rule 1.17)
Only league approved coaches are permitted in the dugout
or on the playing field. No bat boys/girls