Notes from CYO Director

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Understanding Rosters and Eligibility


Contrary to ANYTHING that ANYONE will tell you these are the “cut and dried” rules ALL OF OUR LEAGUES use for player eligibility…


Parish CYO programs may be open to youth who meet one of the following criteria:


Catholic School:

All youth (Catholic or Non-Catholic) who attend the Parish Parochial school.

Religious Education

: All youth (Catholic or Non-Catholic) who are currently regularly attending the parish religious education classes. Such youth may be removed at any time by the Religious Education Coordinator of the parish for lack of attendance.


Youth may participate for a parish only if they meet the residence criteria above.

Waivers may not be granted by a parish or by a league. Only the Archdiocesan CYO/ Youth Ministry Office shall determine criteria and may grant permission individually for participation of a Catholic child from a parish too small to host a CYO program. They will be placed in the geographically closest parish to them that does in fact host a CYO program


-The residence of a child is the residence of the parent(s) or guardian(s) with legal custody of the child and with whom the child resides


-The parish Priest Moderator/Athletic Director/Youth Minister shall provide substantial proof of residence upon request of the league or the Archdiocesan CYO/ Youth Ministry Office.


- The use of ineligible player(s) will result in a forfeit for each game until resolution


So further clarify….


-NO a child MAY NOT be on two rosters


-YES every child needs to be on a roster – there will be no surprises for other coaches or me


-It doesn’t matter that the child’s family are “parishioners” if they don’t fit into the above rules


-It doesn’t matter that the child’s family are “Catholic” if they don’t fit into the above rules


-If you try to sneak illegal players on and I have to “waste my time finding out that you are cheating” then please be prepared for the following to happen


- You will forfeit EVERY GAME that child has played in – including playoffs, championships


- The coach will be suspended for the remainder of the season


- It will be at my office’s discretion if we allow that coach to be reinstated the following season


-The above rules and these clarifications are not up for debate of any kind. Regardless if you, the child’s parents or even your pastor/ principal call or email me to argue them or plead a case about them.


-Should you try and bend the rules to suit your needs – NO YOU SHOULD NOT!