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Click Here for Travel Accounts by Registration # - As of ??????


2018 CHILI LIONS - Travel Fundraising

 (All fundraisers listed are for travel account funds, unless otherwise indicated)


Chili Lions Football and Cheerleading Teams beginning at the 9U level and UP

may travel to possibly of 2 or 3 games or competitions per season. 

  All of the monies will be held in your child’s individual account for Travel purposes,

next year’s registrations or transfer between siblings as you need to. 

On AVERAGE, a typical trip can be ABOUT $225.00 PER participant PER competition or game WHEN we travel. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Travel Fundraising Coordinators,

Karen O'Connor -



World’s Finest Chocolate Bars

All season while supplies last

Inquire @ shed

Profit 50%($1 bars)


$5 Tickets

August 11- August 27

Profit $3 per ticket

 Rochester Books

August 18 – end of season

While supplies last

Cash and Carry

Cost $20..Profit $10 per book (Buy 5 get 1 free)

 Pizza, Cookie Dough, and Leo’s Pies

August 25 – September 8

Mandatory Pick up Date October 6

6pm-8pm at shed. Product frozen.

Profit up to $5 or more per item (based on total sales)


October 4-25

$20 a wreath

$9 per wreath sold

Delivery to shed for holiday season.