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About Our Program

The Franklin Regional Youth Football League is a football program open to children in the Franklin Regional
School District, ages 5-12.

The 5-6 year olds play on our Flag instructional team. No weight restrictions for this team. Their games are flag games against other teams. Not all teams in our conference have flag teams, therefore, the schedule will vary.

Original birth certificates are needed for all new players in order to complete your registration (excluding Flag team). Must have raised seal.   Returned promptly following mandatory weigh-ins.

The 7-8 year olds comprise the Cubs team. First year of equipment! Weight limit is 115 pounds.

The 9-10 year olds comprise the Leopards. Their weight limit is 135 pounds.

The 11-12 year olds comprise the Panthers team. Their weight limit is 155 pounds.

If your child is in the age bracket for one of the teams but their weight limit is over, they have the option to move up to the next team upon discussion with the coaching staff.

The teams play surrounding communities under the lights at the Franklin Regional High School stadium, beginning in August until the end of October. Playoff and championship games extend into early November.
You are invited to contact Brad Mocharko with any questions.

Brad Mocharko, President
Please feel free to email Brad at: bmocharko1@gmail.com


Sports Do Not Build Character...They Reveal It
--John Wooden


We do not allow bad weather to deter us from our plans, unless it's really and truly inclement where it puts participants at risk. You should know that Games and practices are held even though there is precipitation. Therefore, get ready to break out the umbrellas and rain gear.

In accordance with the Postal Service's motto, "Through Rain, Sleet or Snow We Deliver."

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