Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program

DO I HAVE TO BUY THE EQUIPMENT? No, your child will be provided with over $300 of the best equipment available for both practice and games. The only thing parents need to purchase is cleats, and mouthpiece.

HOW EXPENSIVE IS MIDGET FOOTBALL? FAMFA's registration fee is very competitive with other leagues and activities. We charge $125 ($110 second child). We have one fundraiser at $100, $50 for Flag team. One fundraiser per family, regardless of number of players. Tickets will be distributed first week of practice. The 5-6-year-old Flag Instruction Team costs $35. There is a volunteer work assessment fee per family for all teams, including Flag, which is fully refundable at the end of the season when equipment is returned. It takes many volunteers to run the home games successfully.
WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO PLAY? Children residing in the Franklin Regional School District between the ages of 5 and 12 on April 30 of the current year are eligible.

Flag 5 and 6 years old--No weight restrictions
Cubs 7 and 8 years old -- Up to 115 lbs.
Leopards 9 and 10 years old -- Up to 135 lbs.
Panthers 12 and 13 years old -- Up to 155 lbs.

HOW LONG IS THE SEASON? The season starts  the end of July, depending on how the calendar falls and continues until late October, depending on weather and if the team qualifies for the playoffs.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU PRACTICE AND PLAY GAMES? We will be practicing on the Beckwith Field on Sardus Road. Teams practice 5 days a week until school and games begin, then it reduces to 3 nights and Saturday morning if coach deems neccesary. Flag is only two days a week. Our home games are held at the FRHS Football Field on Saturday or Sundays depending on field availability and away games are same.  

WHAT DOES FAMFA TEACH? FAMFA stresses fundamental football skills such as blocking and tackling, with emphasis on player safety and conditioning. Players learn the importance of dedication and commitment in an environment where areas such as sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork are paramount to the goals of the league.

WHEN DOES REGISTRATION BEGIN? Registration is available now by downloading a form from our web site under handouts beginning mid May 2016. 

You also need to turn in a Medical Authorization Release Form signed by a parent/guardian or physician if necessary, a Zero Tolerance Form signed by a parent/guardian. First year players with the exclusion of Flag must turn in an Original Birth Certificate with raised seal. It will be promptly returned after weigh-ins. As a courtesy, you can link from our web site to Vital Records web site to order a birth certificate.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A SPONSOR FOR A TEAM? On our web site there is a handout for our Program Book ads and Sponsorship details.  Also we encourage each family to try to obtain ads from community businesses and their personal businesses.

WHAT IS A BOOSTER AD? A booster ad is a $5 ad placed in the Program Book by families to root their players and teams on. Examples would be: "Go #1, let's have some fun!" Or just "We love you, you're the best. Go Panthers/Leopards/Cubs" (whatever your team is). Some families are creative and some just stick to the basics... the kids love these lines so you don't want to miss out. They are short and sweet, one line is common, 2 lines is not unusual.

Deadline for all ads is August 4th, 2018. The earlier received the better, please.


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