Problem Resolution

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As we all know throughout the year there will be issues that come up that are not all agreed upon. I am here help you in solving problems that you might feel your having. In order to expedite the resolution if you follow the below guidelines it will assure an easier resolution.

1. Identify if this is really a problem or just a disagreement.

2. Review your park bi-laws and the county bi-laws to see what rule has been broken or is in question.

3. Please put in writing all events that have led you to this problem resolution.

4. Once you have written documentation of the problem contact your Team Director with the problem. If he/she cannot resolve then escalate to the Head Coach. If you still feel the problem is not resolved escalate to the VP of your association documenting all that has been done in regards to your problem. If neither the VP or your President give you satisfaction on the resolution, email the FCYFA commissioner at please send all of the written/typed documentation including your name, park and names of others involved.  

5. What we all need to remember is to never discuss problems/issues in front of the children no matter what.