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Parents Rules of Conduct

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Parents Rules of Conduct

Parents Rules of Conduct

In order for a program to be truly successful, it takes the cooperation of everyone involved: players, coaches, officials, board members, and especially parents.

Parents have a responsibility to their children: To make sure that your child gets the most out of his or her playing experience, parents should show their unwavering support, including positive reinforcement of your child’s performance and effort. This is absolutely essential, especially at an early age, to ensure their healthy development. Parents should also be positive role models, including, but not limited to, showing proper sportsmanship at all times and refraining from negativity of any kind.

Parents have a responsibility to the coaches: Coaches volunteer their personal time to spend it with your child. Please take the time to meet your child’s coach and attend any parent’s informational meetings held in the beginning of the season. Coaches need you to be supportive of their decisions and not undermine their efforts. If you don’t agree with a coach you are expected to tell him or her, but make certain it is done at the right time and place and not in front of the children. Parents are also expected to drop off and pick up their children on time for games and practice.

Parents have a responsibility to other parents: Personal gain and satisfaction should not be derived from your child’s performance. Competition and taunting between parents is never acceptable, and no parent should ever feel embarrassed or disappointed by their team or child’s performance. Good plays should always be cheered, and disappointments should always be consoled, no matter whose team it affects.

Parents have a responsibility to themselves: It is your responsibility to enjoy watching your child and other children participate and learn. The joy and pride associated with watching children participate in sports should be experienced to the fullest, because a lifetime of memories is being created before your very eyes.

Parents have the following responsibilities and expectations when participating in WCSPYFC:

1. It is understood that West County Football & Cheer has adopted a NO REFUND/NO EXCEPTION POLICY for Try-Out fees.

2. No one is allowed on the practice field unless they are a coach, player, staff or board member. Parents and spectators must observe from designated areas only.

3. Parents/Spectators are not allowed on the game field during a game. Only individuals with a field pass for the team playing at that time will be allowed on the field.

4. Do not confront a coach during practice or a game. Parents or spectators are not allowed to interrupt practices or games to speak with the coaching staff. Any concerns you have should be directed to the Coach after practice, who will inform the staff member(s) of the concern requiring immediate attention. All conversations with the coaching staff are to be pre-arranged and at the coaches availability before or after practice or games.

5. No Coach, Parent, Staff or Board Member may administer any medication to a player on the practice or game field and then return the player to the practice or game field. The only exception is an inhaler. Any child required to use an inhaler, must have the type with their name and dosage on it and in the possession of the team Coach at all practices and games. Parents cannot administer inhalers unless instructed to do so by the team or President.

6. No Parent or Spectator is allowed to threaten, harass, provoke or strike a Coach, Player, Board or Staff Member or Game Official at anytime before, during or after practice/games.

7. No swearing or foul language will be tolerated at practices or games.

8. Use of tobacco, drugs and consuming alcoholic beverages are prohibited by law on all school grounds at any practice or game field.

9. Volunteers for chain gang during games must not attempt to coach while working, nor provoke or confront the opposing team either verbally or by actions.

10. Parents/Spectators are to refrain from any derogatory remarks or actions in any manner which may result in confrontation by the opposing team.

11. In order to continue to have the privilege of using the field we must keep them clean. We would appreciate the use of the trash cans provided for such.

12. At least 1 parent is required to be present at the entire duration of practice with their child.

13. Parents are responsible for making sure your child makes all practices and games unless arrangements are made in advance. You are required to make sure your child is picked up promptly after practices and games.

14. The EBYFC has adopted a zero tolerance rule in handling behavioral issues. Any participant in EBVYFC can be banned from participation in football or cheer if they or their parents/guardians demonstrate any disruptive behavior. Local Authorities will be contacted and advised of any threats of physical harm against children or adults which can lead to arrest and/or prosecution.

15. Pets of any kind are not allowed on the school grounds at any practice or game field.

Thank you in advance for making the season safe and a wonderful experience for our kids