Spring Inter-League Rules

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 Junior IL South Spring 2018 Rules

1.  Little League book rule for the most part.

2.  The speed up rule is in effect; with two outs and your catcher is on base, he can be replaced with the last batted out so he can come in and get equipped for the next inning. This is a coaches option.

3.  1 balk warning per pitcher during the regular season only. No balk warnings in the playoffs.

4.  If by chance a team shows up with only 9 or 10 players then the team playing that team will have the option to bat their lineup or bat as many as the opposing team and play substitution rules. This by no means eliminates the mandatory play rule. 

5.  The winning team is responsible for inputting the score and all pitch count information on the website. (follow the score / pitch count instruction tab on the left).

6.  If the schedule does not work for what ever reason it is the responsibility of both managers and their coordinators to get it rescheduled as well as getting me that information.

7. Continuous lineup. Free Substitution.

8. The home team is responsible for scheduling umpires AND supplying baseballs.