Hello All, 

Below you will find the club fee structure for the 2019-2020 Season.
These will be updated as we get closer to tryouts and more details get finalized. 

We will send final club fees and type of schedule with via offer letter after tryouts. 

 All NOVA Juniors Athletes will be receiving:
Practice Shirts
Mizuno Travel Bags
Mizuno Jerseys
Crewneck Sweatshirts
Long Sleeve Hitting Shirts
2 Days of Practice

American Level players also receive:
Travel Shorts
3 Days of Practice

National Level players also receive:
Travel Shorts
Mizuno Warmup
3 Days of Practice

 Club Fees Listed Below Are Guesstimates, Final Club Fees Will Be Listed In Offer Sheets.

Middle School Regional Program 11s and 12s - $950, 13s - $1100, 14s - $1100

High School Regional Program  15s-$1150, 16s-$1150, 17s-$1200, 18s-$1200             

AMERICAN PROGRAM  13s-$1300 14s - $1400, 15s - $1400, 16s - $1500, 17s - $1500 

NATIONAL PROGRAM  $2300 for all ages. 
This does include entry into either AAU or USA Nationals depending on qualifying. 

We Do Offer Payment Plans For The Larger Payment Plans