Standings, as of 3/8/2019
Rank Participant's Name Points Pt Differential Game 55 Rank
1st Jon Caldwell 95 +231 1st
2nd Andrew Hart 86 +198 2nd
3rd Scott Prue 85 +211 3rd
4th Stephanie Prue 82 +262 4th
5th Chris Roy 75 +199 5th
6th Ben Nunan 62 -41 6th
7th Matt Taylor 57 -20 7th
8th Dom Morrill 51 -80 12th
9th Kathy Hooper 49 -106 8th
10th Brandon Baxter 48 -99 11th
11th Khris Taschereau 48 -108 10th
12th Katie Heidelmark-Willett 48 -157 9th
13th Allen Gillis 47 -133 14th
14th Shawn Slocomb 46 -111 13th
15th Matt Bourne 45 -37 15th
16th Phil Willett 36 -209 16th

The PFL presents the Maine Shield to the top overall participant at the end of the regular season. Participants are ranked according to the points they acquire through their record and sorted through a table. In the event of a tie for position, participants are sorted through a series of tiebreakers (season series).
1. Head-to-Head series
2. Point differential (points scored minus points against)
3. Most points scored

The participant that is in first place at the end of the regular season is then awarded the Maine Shield and a banner for their profile page.

This table is updated after every fifth game.