2019 Roster

Leaha Eidman - St. John Fisher College 

Ciera Moroz - Finger Lakes Community College

Amanda Rose - Nazareth College 

Chantel Truitt - Finger Lakes Community College 

Jillian Carley - St. John Fisher College 

Sam Maniocki - Penn State Behrend 

Katrina Myer - Hilbert College


Coach Matt Moroz




*Looking players that are interested in playing either full time or part time.  We are in need of all positions and for girls that love the game of softball.*


2019 Rochester Lady Lions Open Team

Summer Plan


Head Coach: Matt Moroz       Cell: 585-905-8728

5757 Wishing Well Lane

Farmington, NY 14425


Email Address: mmoroz@vrfoodequipment.com or fatcat24@rochester.rr.com

Team Website: http://www.leaguelineup.com/miscinfo.asp?menuid=35&url=rochesterladylions&sid=264534537

Team Priorities and Focus

1.    The most important thing that is the first priority is that the girls are having fun in a competitive manner and growing as young women while building friendships and camaraderie while participating in a team sport.

2.    The second is for the player/your daughter to grow from a developmental standpoint and takeaway some new skills to allow them to grow their game for school or college.

3.    When we get to this level, safety and winning are a great combination.  We want to be competitive on the field and also finish each game without injury.  Player development and safety are always number one over winning at all odds.

Coaching Style/Practices

1.    I want all the girls to have fun while they play, be competitive and sharpen their skills with our vast experience from our coaches.  

2   The girls are at the age to where they know what they need to do to get warmed up and they will be on their own for that.  Once the game time starts, then I will take over managing the team. 

3.    Most of our girls are in college, so practices will be limited.  We have some opportunities for players that are local to practice with either the 18U or 16U teams during the winter to get reps in and stay sharp.  Once college and school ball is over we can get together for some hitting and fielding.  (Additional Cost for Training with other Teams)

4.    For the girls that are playing in college, they will get all the reps they need in the fall and after a few months off, they will begin again after January 1st.

5.    Practices will be limited until all play is over for the school seasons and then based on players schedules off the field as Summer begins.


My expectations are simple:

1.    Young Ladies have Fun

2.    Respect Your Teammates & Family Members

3.    Respect other Players, Coaches, and Umpires on the Field

4.    Represent the Uniform that you wear as you are representing the Rochester Lady Lions Organization

5.    Pick up your teammates as needed and always have each others back!

6.    Last, help recruit a few more players if needed!

2019 Season Schedule

Tentative at this time


If Holiday breaks arrive, if we have enough players we can see about renting some cage time locally if we have enough players to take part.  Contact me if you would like to participate in practice in November/December with 16U or 18U. (Additional costs paid directly to the coach hosting the practice)


May 26th Rochester Lady Lions Play Day

3-4 Tournaments:

Midlakes Open Tournament 

Can-Am Watertown


Fourth Tournament depends on how many players we have and if the girls are available/and want to play an additional tournament/ Open to discussion.

Midlakes Summer League:

Midlakes Five Week Summer League Plus Two Weeks for Playoffs-typically begins around Fathers Day and runs till end of July to Beginning of August

Team Budget

·         $400 Per Player

·         Jerseys, Bags, Helmets, Socks, Belts, Pants are additional costs to each player

·         If you can find sponsorship for you/or your daughter from local businesses, they can offset your cost (Ask me for more details)

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