Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration?
• Registration begins the first Saturday in October and ends November. Saturday prior to Thanksgiving week.

Is there a draft?
• Yes.

When is draft?
• Draft will be held Monday night afterThanksgiving

How much is registration fee?
• Registration fee is $125.00 for ages 5-12 and $135.00 for ages 13-18 due at sign ups. Deposit due at sign ups $50.00

Can we sign up late?
• Yes by contacting the League Director.  A late sign up fee of $35.00 may be added to the registration fee after draff dates.  

Do you have a refund policy?
• Yes, 100%, 50% or 0%

How long is the season?
• First game starts in January. A possible Pre-season tournament in December before fall break

• Ending with tournament first Saturday in March

What are the age divisions?
• 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-13, 14-15.  Age groups changed as needed. (ex. 11-U may include 14 yo)

Who coaches the teams?
• Coaches are parent or adult volunteers who notify the league of their interest in coaching

When are how often are practices?
• Teams usually practice one time per week for one hour of practice, if space allows a second practice a week will be scheduled

Are there team and individual photos?
• Sportsphoto is the league photographers and will take team and individual photos in January (coaches will be notified of team times).
• Sportsphoto has package information available prior to the photo day. Payment is due the day the photos are taken.

Are there paid officials or volunteers?
• Yes, USL has paid officials and schedules their own officials. If you are interested in officiating contact the league director

Are players allowed to play up or down?
• A request must be made. Upon approval a player may play up a division however may not play down.

Can a player play on two teams?
• Yes. A player may play on two team however the two team may not be in the same age division. Playing on the second team requires an additional sign up fee.

How many players on a team?
• Recommended team size may vary depending on number of sign ups.

How does someone notify the league of their interest in coaching?
• Coaches applications are available at sign ups or by contacting the league director