New Player/Parent FAQ

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Is the sport of baseball safe for my child?

Yes. Youth baseball is a different game than the MLB. With a different set of rules in place, youth baseball places a stronger emphasis on sportsmanship and friendly competition while learning the game of baseball. That said, injury is always a risk like any organized sport. We do everything possible to reduce the risk of injuries, including use of a Reduced Injury Force (RIF) baseball in the coach-pitch Minor League, requiring all players in both leagues to wear batting helmets when batting and running on base and wearing of full catcher's gear (helmet, chest protector and shin guards) when playing the catcher's position.


What equipment does my child need?

Yellow Springs Youth Baseball provides all equipment for players, but there are options for purchase locally should families want to purchase their own.


Where do I find all of this equipment?

In order to help make baseball more affordable, especially for kids just getting started, Yellow Springs Youth Baseball offers baseball uniforms to keep and equipment to use free of charge. The uniform (hats, shirts, & pants) are included in the registration fee. Helmets, Bats, Baseballs and Catcher’s Gear is provided during game play, but must be returned after each game. There may be a limited number of baseball gloves and athletic shoes available to use for the season as well. If desired, players need to provide their own baseball socks and any protective undergarments, mouth or other similar equipment. 


At the skills clinic, there may be a limited number of gently used athletic shoes, baseball gloves and other related equipment items for swapping out or taking for the season’s use. Of course, there are retail outlets too, including Play It Again Sports in Centerville, and Dick’s Sporting Goods in Springfield and Beavercreek. There are also a variety of websites that sell equipment, or a notice could be posted on one of the local Yellow Springs Facebook Groups looking to obtain baseball equipment.


How do I make sure my child's equipment fits properly?

Many of the online retailers offer fitting guides. Yellow Springs Youth Baseball has coaches and experienced parents on hand at the skill’s clinic to help answer questions about bat length and other related concerns. Retail stores should have sales people that will be able to lend a hand too.


How much will this cost?

Yellow Springs Youth Baseball strives to keep the registration fees as reasonable as possible, and registration fees are listed on our registration page. There are a limited number of scholarships available to families in need as well.


When does the season start?

Registration starts during the spring and the regular baseball season starts just after school is finished, depending on what team your child is on and when their coach/coaches begin practicing. 


How long is the season?

The regular baseball season runs from May/June through mid to the end of July. There may be additional skills clinics (to the initial evaluation clinic in April) offered around this time as well. 


Which program should I sign up for?

We offer programs for players aged 7 to14 of all abilities. If your child is age 11 or under, and has never played before, she or he should start in our coach pitch Minor League. The Minor League is for youth ages 7 to 11 and is for players just learning the game and uses a modified set of rules and a Reduced Injury Force baseball. The Major League is for players 11 to 14 years of age and is a player-pitch league with more traditional rules and regulation baseballs. Once reaching age 12, players must move up to the Major League if they want to continue playing. Highly skilled Minor League players who have not yet reached age 11 can possibly move up to the Major League per the League's play-up policy, found here


Where and when are practices/games held?

Practices and games are held at Gaunt Park in Yellow Springs. Practices and times are determined by coaches of each time, but usually are 1-2 times a week, for an hour each time. Each team usually plays 1-2 games per week, during the evening on weekdays and mornings on weekends.


How can my child try baseball without making a commitment?

A free skills/evaluation clinic is held before each season begins. The date will be included in articles published in the Yellow Springs News beginning in mid-April as well as posted on the league website at This year’s clinics will be held Saturday, May 4th at 1:00 PM for the Minor League and 4:00 PM for the Major league. All players will get to run, bat and throw and catch in the infield and outfield, and Major League players will get to pitch and catch as the plate as well.


How do I sign up?

Online registration is available here, where fee payment can also be completed at the same time. A free online account on our website is required. Registration can also be completed at the skill assessment clinics held prior to each season. All players must have a completed registration and other required paperwork submitted and fees paid or scholarship approved before being able to participate in any practices or regular season games.  .