In rare and specific cases, it can be appropriate and even beneficial to a player’s development for him or her to Play-Up in the next baseball division.  Criteria for determining situations where it could be beneficial for a player to Play-Up is based upon on the evaluation of the player’s skill and ability to contribute to the next baseball division as well as the player’s maturity and conduct on and off the field.  The decision for a player to Play-Up must have approval from the Yellow Springs Youth Baseball (YSYB) President and Vice President, parents, coach(es), and the player.  The YSYB Board of Directors specifically reserves the right to reverse a decision allowing a player to Play-Up at any time if a player that has moved up is experiencing difficulty (be it through deficiency in skill, behavior, conduct, maturity level, etc.) as determined by the President and Vice President, and/or the player’s coach.