AUBL Miami Rules and Regulations Updated 11/19/19

            The American United Baseball League (AUBL) Miami has been established as an adult baseball league age 18+. There are two divisions. The American League Division is considered a “pro” division for the top teams in AUBL Miami. The National League Division is considered a “prospect” division for teams to prove themselves in AUBL Miami. All rules listed apply to both divisions.  The rules given below are used as guidelines.  MLB rules shall apply to those areas not specifically addressed by AUBL Miami.  The League President reserves the right to suspend or expel any player, manager, or coach who fails to abide by these rules.

Section 1        Uniform, Helmets, Baseballs, Bats and Cleats

1.1               Uniforms – Team jerseys and hats are offered by AUBL Miami for players and managers at an additional fee (typically $22-$35 per jersey).  Each team manager is responsible for the ordering of the team jerseys and may purchase team jerseys through AUBL Miami League President Jay Habacht. Teams having sponsorship will be allowed to have the sponsor’s name on their jersey via patch or printed directly on the jersey.

a)       Required Uniform – Every player must wear baseball pants and the team's designated jersey. No shorts or backwards hats are allowed.

b)       Out of Uniform – A player out of uniform will not be allowed to play in an AUBL Miami sanctioned game.

c)       Team Uniform Deadline – All teams must have their uniforms ready for use prior to start of the season.

d)       Uniforms for players added to the roster after the start date – The Team Manager will be required to order a jersey for each added player before that player plays in an AUBL Miami sanctioned game.


1.2               Helmets – All batters and base runners must wear helmets during all at-bats, while on-deck and while on the bases or base-path.  Full double earflap helmets are encouraged.  Catchers must wear a helmet underneath their mask.

1.3               Baseballs – Each team shall provide three baseballs to the umpire at the beginning of the game.  Each team shall receive 3-dozen baseballs at the beginning of the season that will be supplied by AUBL Miami.  Additional baseballs will be purchased from AUBL Miami at $65 per dozen or $6 per baseball. ***Please note - if all baseballs have been lost during a game, game balls from prior games may be used. If no game balls from prior games are available, team managers will use any baseballs fit for play at their discretion. It is not recommended that future game balls be used in this situation.

1.4               Bats – Wood bats only. Composite handles may be used, but the barrel of the bat must be made of wood only. Bamboo bats ARE permitted. Baum Bats ARE permitted, since they are permitted in professional baseball. Any bats permitted in professional baseball may be used in AUBL Miami. Metal bats are NOT permitted.

1.5               Cleats – Metal cleats are permitted.  Any player found to be wearing deliberately sharpened cleats will be subject to ejection and possible suspension from the league.


Section 2        Game Length, Run Rule, Playoffs, Darkness, Suspended Games, Rainouts, Coach's Challenges

2.1          Game Length – All regular season games are 9 innings or 3 hours (an inning may not begin after 3 hours has elapsed). Once the time limit expires, the home team will ONLY bat if the visiting team is ahead or the game is tied. Under NO circumstances will the home team bat after time has expired if the home team is ahead. Extra innings will be played to break a tie, time permitting. For playoffs, time is extended to 3 1/2 hours. For championship series, all games must be played to a result with no time limit.


Time Between Innings

AUBL Miami has implemented a modified version of the Major League Baseball rule regarding time between innings. Teams will have 2 minutes between innings to start play. The 1st offense for each team will result in a warning. the 2nd offense for each team will result in the following penalty:

The fielding team MUST throw a pitch once the 2 minutes have expired or the umpire will begin calling balls on the batter. The hitting team MUST have a batter in the batters’ box once the 2 minutes have expired or the umpire will begin calling strikes on the batter.

The time will be kept by the umpires. There will be notice given to each team when 30 seconds remain on the clock. This rule is designed to speed up the pace of the game and give both teams the best opportunity to complete 9 innings before the time limit expires.

a)            Doubleheaders – In the event that a doubleheader needs to be scheduled, both games will be 9 innings or 3 hours (an inning may not begin after 3 hours has elapsed) with a 30 minute break between games. 

2.2          Abbreviated Games – The umpire may suspend, cancel or call a game if in their opinion the safety of the players is compromised. 


                a)            Darkness - If a game is judged by the umpire to be unplayable due to darkness:

                                The standard 9-inning game will be considered complete at the end of 5th inning.  If the game is called prior to completion, the game is considered cancelled and will be rescheduled (there may be some cases where a game is not made up if the game does not impact playoff eligibility or playoff positioning).

b)            Rain – If a game is judged by the umpire to be unplayable due to rain, or hazardous weather conditions such as lightning exist, the game may be suspended until the umpires are satisfied that play can safely resume. The umpires at their sole discretion can cancel a game if the field is considered unplayable. If a game is cancelled due to rain, it is considered complete at the end of the 5th inning.  If the game is called prior to completion of 5th inning the game is considered cancelled and will be made up in accordance with rainout policy (the game is considered complete after the visiting team has batted in the 5th inning ONLY if the home team is ahead). If 9 innings are not completed before the game is cancelled, the final score will revert back to the last full inning played.


2.3          Makeup of Rainouts and Suspended Games – Rainout /suspended games will be made up and rescheduled. Due to the nature of the unbalanced schedule, the makeup game may be matched up with a different opponent. There may be some cases where a game is not made up if the game does not impact playoff eligibility or playoff positioning.

Playoffs – Any playoff game that is canceled by the umpires due to unplayable conditions such as rain, flooding or darkness before the 5th inning is completed (top of the 5th inning if the home team is winning at that point) will be considered SUSPENDED. The game will resume the following week from the exact point that the game was suspended. Time limit will also resume from the exact point that the game was suspended. Lineups for each team will remain the same. Any player may be replaced by a substitute when the game resumes, but the batting lineup will remain intact, with any substitutions occurring within the original batting lineup. There are no additional rules when play resumes pertaining to fielding substitutions, including pitching. Any game that is stopped after the 5th inning is completed (top of the 5th inning if the home team is winning at that point) will be considered complete as is stated in rule 2.2 (a) and 2.2 (b).


 MERCY RULE - 15 RUN MARGIN (5th INNING) or 10 RUN MARGIN (7th INNING) - If there is a 15 run margin at the end of the 5th inning or any subsequent inning, or if there is a 10 run margin at the end of the 7th inning or any subsequent inning, the game will be ruled final and will end at that time.


Contrary to Major League Baseball etiquette, AUBL Miami games with a 10 run or more difference:

·         Base stealing is ALWAYS permitted by either team

·         A hitter for either team MAY swing if the count is 3-0

·         A hitter for either team MAY bunt


Playoffs and Tie Breakers - AUBL Miami league standings are determined first by total points, then by winning percentage.

Teams that do not enter stats properly and in a timely fashion will be disqualified from playoff competition. Teams may opt to not post all stats from a game, but must account for each player that played in that game by entering a "1" in the plate appearance column. This will ensure that playoff rosters are correct.

Points are determined as follows:
Win = 2 points
Tie = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

Tie Breaker 1:  In the event of a tie in the standings (2 or more teams tied in points and winning percentage), the first tie breaker is head to head competition. 

Tie Breaker 2:  In the event head to head competition does not break the tie, net runs scored in head to head competition will be used to settle the tie (the team with the higher number of net runs scored advances to the playoffs).  In the event three teams are tied, net runs scored will be used to break a tie in situations where the head to head round robin results yielded identical records. 

Tie Breaker 3:  Net runs scored for all games played during the regular season. Net runs scored is calculated by adding up all the runs a team has scored and subtracting all runs allowed. The team with the higher number of net runs scored advances to the playoffs.

Tie Breaker 4:  The final tie breaker is a coin flip.

Coach's Challenges:

AUBL Miami has implemented a modified version of Major League Baseball's coach's challenges. Each team will have 1 challenge per game. If the challenge is successful, 1 more challenge is awarded. This challenge is only to be used in situations where a player has been called safe or out at a base or to determine a hit ball as foul, homerun or ground rule double. This rule does NOT apply to called balls and strikes. Only the manager of a team may initiate a challenge. It is the responsibility of the teams to provide video evidence contrary to the ruling on the field. There may be some instances where the league office will provide video evidence in the form of video replay in real time.

In order for a manager to initiate a challenge, the manager must call time out to one of the umpires. The manager then would tell the umpire that the team would like to challenge the previous play. The manager under no circumstances may bring a phone, tablet, camera or other device onto the field while initiating the challenge. Once the challenge has been recognized by the umpires, the manager may then bring the video evidence to the umpires. the umpires will examine the previous play and either "confirm" or "overrule" the initial call. There must be clear evidence to overrule the initial call. The league President will also help examine the video evidence with the umpires if present.

Use of broadcasts to initiate a challenge
The only use of a broadcast for these purposes would be if the game ends on a play that is challenged. In the event a challenged play is overturned from a broadcast, the game result will officially be reversed. If this occurs during the playoffs and the overturned call results in a tie game, the game will continue at a later time from the point it was left and the teams will play extra innings until there is a result.


Section 3        Eligibility, Rosters and Free Agents


3.1          Team Eligibility – Team rosters, league fees, AUBL administration fees and insurance forms must be submitted to the league two weeks prior to opening day.


                                a) Schedule and League Fees: AUBL Miami plays a 12 game schedule + playoffs, twice per year. League fees are as follows:


                            $2000 per team paid to AUBL Miami 2 weeks prior to the 1st game of the season includes:

·         Field rental fees

·         Free team website

·         Baseballs (3 baseballs per team are given to the umpire prior to the start of each game)

·         Official baseball scorebook

·         12 game regular season schedule

·         Playoffs (teams do not pay for field fees or baseballs - teams pay umpire fees quarterfinals and semifinals only)

·         All Star Game (teams do not pay for field fees, umpire fees or baseballs)


                           $960 per team for umpires

·         Team manager collects umpire fees from each player and holds the money

·         $80 per game per team paid directly to the umpires prior to the start of each game

·         Official College Umpires


                             $2960 total fees ($240 per player for a 13 man roster)

·         Teams may carry up to 35 players on their roster and will not be charged for extra players. Managers may manage their rosters financially in any manner they wish

·         Individual players not currently on any team's roster pay AUBL Miami $240 ( $160 league fees + $80 umpire fees)

·         Individual players will be placed on a team based on each team's needs.


b) Free Agent Pool – AUBL Miami Free Agent Pool is a repository of new player information collected through the website and other marketing efforts of AUBL Miami.  The primary use of the pool is for the league to build new expansion teams, to fill out rosters or as replacements for injured players. 

i. Access to Player Pool – From opening day to the end of the regular season Team Managers will have access to the Free Agent Pool through the League President. Any free agent added to the roster after the deadline will not be eligible for Post Season Play.

3.2          Team Season Rosters – Season rosters are to be entered into the league website by the team managers prior to opening day.


a)    Roster Changes Deadline – Teams may add players at any time during the regular season. Only players on a team's roster may play in an official AUBL Miami sanctioned game. Players must play a minimum of 3 games with their current team to be eligible for playoff competition.

b)    Trades - Any trade between AUBL teams must be approved by the League President.

c)    Roster Size Requirements – The minimum roster size at the beginning of the season is 12 players.  Teams with fewer than 12 players can add players out of the free agent pool or from outside the league.  Maximum size for a team roster is 35 players. Every player must sign the liability waiver and be a member of the league with an official player profile in the system.

d)    Post Season Rosters – Every player on the Post Season Roster must have competed in at least 3 games for that team during the regular season - NO EXCEPTIONS!

e)    Roster Violation Penalties – Team Managers found to have added players to their roster improperly or who have misreported their rosters will be forced to forfeit all games where the player(s) in question participated.                                                                                                                                                                                                

3.3          Player Eligibility - A player is eligible to participate in an official league sanctioned games on or after the date of their 18th birthday.  Players under age 18 are not eligible. 

             Only players who have fully paid their player registration fees and remain in compliance with the rules and regulations of AUBL shall be eligible for play in AUBL Miami.


a)    Multiplicity – A player is eligible to play for only one AUBL team

b)    No player may switch teams during a season without the consent of the managers and the League President. Any player that would like to switch teams after a season is completed MUST inform his manager prior to the last game of the season.


Section 4        Distribution of Awards


4.1        Team Awards - Awards are given to each division (‘Professional” and “Prospect”) in the form of a discount off future league fees. There are no cash awards.

              $1000 award to each AUBL Miami league champion


Section 5           NCAA ELIGIBILITY




              AUBL Miami sought and obtained an opinion form the NCAA that informed AUBL Miami  that AUBL Miami would not be able to award a cash prize to any NCAA eligible player who wishes to remain in compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.  This included the player taking the cash prize money and providing it to a charity, high school, or other entity of his choice.  The relevant NCAA By Laws and Interpretations which the NCAA provided to AUBL Miami which players should consider in making their decision to participate in AUBL are as follows:

·Bylaw Exception for Prize Money Based on Performance - Sports Other Than Tennis:  In sports other than tennis, an individual may accept prize money based on his or her place finish or performance in an athletics event. Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the

·        sponsor of the event. The calculation of actual and necessary expenses shall not include the expenses or fees of anyone other than the individual (e.g., coach’s fees or expenses, parent’s expenses). 

·        Bylaw 16.1.3 Transfer of Nonpermissible Award: Cash or any other award that an individual could not receive under NCAA legislation may not be forwarded in the individual’s name to a different individual or agency (e.g., a collegiate institution, etc.) 

·        NCAA Interpretation (11/29/1990): Awards provided to a member institution or charitable/educational organization based on a prospective student-athlete’s athletics ability: Reviewed the provisions of Bylaws 12.1.2 and 16.1.3 and noted that it would not be permissible under current        legislation for an outside organization to provide a cash award in the name of a PSA to the PSA’s institution or a charitable/educational organization based on the PSA’s athletics participation.

Section 6        Line-Ups


6.1          Line-Up Cards – Each Team Manager is required to provide a lineup card to the home plate umpire and the opposing manager before the start of each game.  As a minimum, the lineup card must list the player’s last name and jersey number.. Including substitutes and pitchers.


6.2          Notice of Line-up Substitutions – Offensive substitutions must be announced to the opposing manager and/or the umpire.  Defensive substitutions do not need to be announced, except pitchers. Pitchers may reenter a game after 3 recorded outs.


6.3          Minimum Line-up – A Team Manager must bat a minimum of nine players (see rule 6.4 for minimum number of players), but may bat as many players as is eligible for that game. A manager may add players to the bottom of the lineup at any time. If a player is replaced in the batting lineup, that player may not return to the batting lineup (but the replaced batter may still enter the game defensively).


a)    Effect of Injuries on the Line-up – If a player is forced to leave a game due to an injury, a reserve roster player must hit in the batter’s place. If the team does not have a replacement, the team will skip that spot in the lineup. This rule also applies if a player leaves the game early for any personal reasons.

b)    Effect of Ejections on Line-up – If the team has less than 8 players and no reserve is present, the team is automatically disqualified. If a team only has 9 players (or all players present are already in the batting lineup), that batting slot will be an automatic out. If a team has 10 players and that player is not yet in the batting lineup, that player would automatically substitute for the ejected player. If a team has 11 players or more, the manager will choose a substitute for the ejected player in the batting lineup if 1 or more players are not currently in the batting lineup.


6.4          Minimum Number of Players – A team must have a minimum of 8 players for an official game. If a team only has 8 players, the opposing team may be asked to "lend" a player for defensive purposes ONLY. This player will not be in the batting lineup for the team with 8 players. Since a team MUST have 9 players in the batting lineup, the 9th batter will be an automatic out until the 9th player arrives. Starting in the 6th inning, the 9th batter will be "skipped" instead of recording an automatic out. This will prevent teams from intentionally walking batters to record the automatic out. Since intentional walks are not permitted through the 1st 5 innings, the impact of the automatic out will be lessened considerably. As referenced in rule 8.4, the umpire may rule at his discretion to award an extra base to all runners if the umpire rules that a batter was intentionally walked by the pitcher throwing pitches in a manner that suggests an intentional walk.


6.5          Defensive Substitutions – All players may be substituted at any time defensively without affecting the player’s offensive status in the line-up. Players may leave the game and re-enter the game at any time defensively (pitchers removed from a game may re-enter as a pitcher after 1 inning (3 completed outs). Pitchers may reenter the game as a position player (any position other than pitcher) at any time and does not need to wait for 3 completed outs

Section 7        Players behavior and Team Responsibility

7.1          Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Drugs – Alcoholic beverages, cigarette smoking and illicit drugs are not permitted at the field before, during or after the game.  The field refers to the general playing area, parking lot and ancillary areas. Anyone found in violation of these rules will be subject to fines, suspensions and / or expulsion from AUBL Miami. Most venues used by AUBL Miami will also not permit these items as well.

7.2          League Suspensions and Expulsions – The league has the right to suspend, expel and / or fine any team member who:

                a)            Abuses league rules

                b)            Does not exhibit an acceptable sense of sportsmanship and class.

                c)            Plays without regard to the safety of the umpires or other players.

d)          Either throws a pitch intentionally at a batter or threatens to throw a pitch at a batter (an example would be the pitcher saying "don't worry I will handle it")


7.3          Game Expulsions – An umpire has sole discretion to expel any player or manager from the game.  Any player expelled by an umpire will receive an automatic minimum one-game suspension which may be appealed and must be served immediately.  The umpire who expelled the player can request the removal of the suspension based on extenuating circumstances.  All expulsions require a written explanation by the umpire to the League President within 24 hours.


7.4          Fighting and Physical Contact – Fighting among players or aggressive physical contact with an umpire will not be tolerated.  Players expelled from the game for either violation will be subject to suspension, expulsion or fine from the league. Any player or coach that threatens violence to another player, coach or umpire will be suspended a minimum of 3 games and may be expelled from the league.


7.5          Collision Rule – Players shall not intentionally collide with any other players.  In the case of a runner intentionally colliding with a fielder, the runner will be called out, and may, at the umpires discretion be expelled from the game.  All base runners must either slide or give up their right to a base (avoid a collision by stopping or leaving a base path) when the defensive player is in the following situations:


                a)            Is in possession of the ball

                b)            Is in the act of receiving the ball

                c)            Is about to immediately receive the ball and will be able to make an apparent play on the base runner.


                If a defensive player is not in possession of the ball, is not in the act of receiving the ball, or is not about to immediately receive the ball so that he is able to record an out (apparent play…at any base), he cannot do the following.

a)       Block the base

b)       Be in the path so as to impede (obstruct) the base runner’s right to that base.


Under such circumstances, the defensive player shall be required to avoid a collision.  If a collision does occur under these circumstances, the runner will always be considered safe and the obstruction rule shall be enforced.  The defensive player will be ejected from the game if the umpire judges the action intentional.  The offending defensive player will be suspended from league play if the obstruction is judged to be flagrant.


7.6          Inactive Player (playoffs) – An opposing Team Manager has the right to question if a player is on an active roster. Once a game has started, If a manager discovers that a player is not on the active roster, he may show the opposing team's roster to the umpire on a mobile device and have the inactive player removed from the game. The game will continue with no other penalty. It is recommended that all Managers check their rosters from a mobile device before any playoff game starts to insure that the players in the lineup are all on the active roster.


Section 8        Special Rules: Courtesy Runners, Pitchers and Fielders, Intentional Walks


8.1          Courtesy Runners – Players that will need courtesy runners must have their Team Manager notify the opposing Team Manager before game time and managers must agree to allow courtesy runners.  This is done by way of the line-up card.  Players that are not in the starting line-up, but require a courtesy runner must be listed as a reserve (substitute) on the line-up card and designated as a non-runner (NR) prior to the start of the game.  If the non-runner is not designated on the line-up card, no runner will be given.  Each team will be allowed the maximum of 2 courtesy runners per game.  The player that made the last batted out will be the courtesy runner. Once the game begins, and the full complement of courtesy runners has not been used, only in the case of an obvious injury can an additional courtesy runner be used.  If a batter (designated as needing a courtesy runner) opts to run, or forgets to get a courtesy runner and subsequently runs, he will lose his courtesy runner for the remainder of the game.

      CATCHER COURTESY RUNNER "SPEED UP" RULE - Any player on base that was the team's catcher in the prior inning will be  REQUIRED to have a courtesy runner (The courtesy runner is the team's last batted out) WITH 2 OUTS ONLY in order to put on the catcher's gear for the next inning.

8.2          Pitchers Clothing – While pitching, a pitcher may not wear the following:

a)       White or gray sleeves

b)       Batting gloves

c)       Wristbands

Elbow supports worn for medicinal reasons must be black or flesh colored.  The elbow support cannot be white, gray or any other color that can be confused with the baseball.

8.3          Pitchers Wildness and Player Safety – For the safety of the players, if a pitcher hits four batters in any one game (3 in playoffs), the pitcher must be removed after the fourth hit batsman.  That pitcher can go out of the game or to any other playing position, but he may not re-enter as a pitcher.

8.4        Intentional Walks - Pitchers may intentionally walk a batter at the start of the 6th inning. In an effort the speed up the pace of play, the defensive team notifies the home plate umpire that the next batter is awarded 1st base and the home plate umpire will call time and award the batter 1st base without any pitches thrown. If a pitcher intentionally walks a batter before the 6th inning, the umpire will award 1 extra base to all base runners. This rule may also be applied to pitch outs if the umpire believes the pitcher is attempting to walk the batter intentionally before the 6th inning.

Section 9        Ex-Pro Status and Regulations


9.1          Eligibility - All players, regardless of professional status are eligible to play in AUBL Miami.  There is no differentiation between professionals, ex-professionals or amateur players. If you can play, you can play, everyone is welcome.


Section 10      General League Rules

10.1        Team Forfeits - A forfeited game occurs when one team is unable to field enough players at the game's designated start time.  A wait time of 15 minutes will be applied. The opposing manager may choose to accept the forfeit or "loan" 1 or more players for offensive and defensive purposes to avoid a forfeit, but it is solely at the discretion of the team with more than 9 players. Any batting lineup with less than 9 players would still be subject to rule 6.4 regarding the 9th batter as an automatic out for the first 5 innings of the game. This game would be considered official and the result would be final. No protests will be accepted by umpires for lack of performance offensively or defensively by any player that has been loaned to the team with less than 9 players.

a)       Games cancelled for any reason other than weather will forfeit by the cancelling team.

b)       Forfeiting Teams Responsibility – The forfeiting team is responsible for paying both umpires their full fees if they do not notify the league within 72 hours before the scheduled game time. 

c)       Forfeit Limit – Two forfeits by any team could mean immediate expulsion from the league with no money refunded to the team.  The League President will make the decision on expulsion and monetary refund after hearing the affected teams appeal.


10.2        Protests

a)       Team Managers must file their “game-specific” protest with the umpire at the time of the incident, or at the time the incident becomes known to the Team Manager, but before completion of the game.  Game specific protests may not be made after the game is completed unless it involves the last play of the game.

b)       Game specific protests should be subsequently lodged with the League President within 48 hours after the game for which the protest is made.  The League President shall render a ruling on all protests.

c)       All other protests should be subsequently lodged with the league within 48-hours after the game for which the protest is made.  The League President shall render a ruling on all protests.


10.3        Fields – Participating teams are responsible for all pre-game and post-game maintenance.  Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action by the League. Some fields may require repositioning of tarps or other special considerations mandated by the league office. FIU Stadium is an example of mandatory tarp replacement.

a)       Dugout Cleanliness – Teams are responsible for cleaning the dugouts after the game.  All trash should be properly disposed of and all paper should be removed from the dugout walls.  Any team who does not clean up the dugout will be fined $50 per incident. Further action may be taken if a team has more than 2 fines for cleanliness.


10.4        League Officers Responsibilities – Team Managers will work with League President to manage the day-to-day operation of the league.

a)    Team Manager

i.)                   Manage the day to day operation of the team

ii.)                 Market and attract team members

iii.)                Reporting of stats on the league website for each game - failure to report proper stats in a timely manner will result in the team being removed from playoff competition

iv.)               Securing practice facilities if necessary

v.)                 Attending League Meetings

vi.)               Managing team finances

vii.)               Ordering uniforms and providing necessary equipment such as catcher's gear and batting helmets                                                                                                                                                                     

b)    League President


i)                     Working with Team Managers to oversee the day to day operations of the league

ii)                   Enforcing all rules and regulations

iii)                  Securing sponsors

iv)                 Scheduling of games

v)                   Securing Fields and Umpires

vi)                 Managing League finances

vii)                Oversee the player pool

viii)              Establish and manage League scheduling

ix)                 Help in the selection of all-star players

x)                   Acting in the best interest of the League


Section 11      Code of Conduct and Penalties

11.1        Code of Conduct – Team Managers and players shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.  No manager or player shall commit the following:

a)       Forcefully lay a hand upon, shove, strike, or threaten an official.  Players and managers guilty of such conduct shall be immediately suspended from further participation in the game and shall remain suspended until the League President reviews the player’s conduct.  Players and Team Managers guilty of such conduct shall be subject to suspension for the remainder of the season or expulsion from the league for life.

b)       Refusal to abide by an official’s decision.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be immediately suspended from further participation in the game and shall remain suspended until the League President reviews the player’s conduct.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be subject to probation or suspension for the remainder of the season.

c)       Objectionable demonstrations or objectionable dissent at an official’s decision.  Players and managers guilty of such conduct shall be subject to suspension from further participation in the game.

d)       Discussion with an official, or officials regarding the decision reached by such official or officials, except for the manager or his designee who are authorized to participate in such discussions.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be subject to suspension from further participation in the game.

e)       Use unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of the game against the body or person of an opposing player.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be immediately suspended from further participation in the game and shall be subject to probation or suspension for the remainder of the season.

f)        Physical attack as an aggressor upon any player, manager, official, or spectator, before, during, or after a game.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be immediately suspended from further participation in that game and shall remain suspended until the League President reviews the player’s conduct.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be subject to suspension for the remainder of the season or expulsion from the league for life.

g)       Abusive, verbal attack upon any player, manager, official, or spectator before, during, or after a game.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be immediately suspended from further participation in the game and shall remain suspended from further participation in the game and shall remain suspended until the League President reviews the player’s conduct. Players guilty of such conduct shall be subject to suspension for the remainder of the season.

h)       Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during the game or be upon the field of play at any time in an intoxicated condition.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be immediately suspended from further participation in the game and shall be subject to probation or suspension and fines for the remainder of the season.

i)         Smoke or Chew on the field of play or in the dugout.  Players guilty of such conduct shall be fined and immediately suspended from further participation in the game.


11.2     Penalties

a)       The League President may suspend any player or manager for such a period and upon such terms as it may propose, for the conduct within its opinion is prejudicial to the welfare, interest, reputation, or charter of the league.

b)       Except as otherwise provided, the League President shall determine the appropriate action required for violations of the codes of conduct, and shall report any decisions to the player or team manager.

c)       A player found in violation of any provision delineated in the codes of conduct, after being placed on probation for the remainder of the season shall be suspended for the remainder of the season.

d)       Any player found in violation of any provisions delineated in the codes of conduct, after being suspended from further participation in a game shall be suspended for the remainder of the season.

e)       All manager / team fines will be communicated to the offending party via e-mail from the League President's Office.  Fines will accrue over the course of the season and will be deducted from the offending team field reimbursement.  All fine money will go toward league expenses.


Section 12      Grievances, Protests, and appeals

12.1        Grievances and Protests – Grievances or protests may be filed by an individual player or by the Team Manager provided that a grievance is formally submitted to the League President's Office.  The League President's Office shall adjudicate all such grievances.

12.2        Recognition of League Authority and Autonomy – NO APPEALS, REGARDLESS OF THE SUBJECT OR SCOPE WILL BE MADE OUTSIDE OF AUBL MIAMI.  All league business stays league business.  There is no appeal structure that is recognized by the league that does not involve the League President.