Length of Games

  • Technically there is no innings limit, but we usually try to get in at least 3 complete innings more like 4 is optimal (so each player gets 4 at bats).  
  • No complete inning starts later than the 70 minute mark.  Games usually last about 75 minutes give or take.

Coach Pitch

  • Each Coach (or Asst Coach) pitches to their own team
  • No Strikeouts /No walks – each batter gets 3 strikes.  If they do not get a hit prior to three strikes then the batter will hit off the tee to put the ball in the play.

Additional items:

  • No Score is kept
  • Inning ends after all batters in lineup have batted for that inning.  Final batter will run through all bases until tagged out or crosses home plate.
  • Coaches are allowed on the field when their team is in the field.  Opposing coach will pitch to their team.  Base coaches are allowed when their team is batting.
  • All infield positions are played including pitcher (stands next to, or slightly behind coach pitcher), but excluding catcher (a coach or asst coach will play this position).  Any extra players will be spread out amongst the outfield.  It is a good procedure to rotate the players around the positions and from the outfield to infield and vice versa.