Generally, follow ASA rules and guidelines

The following are clarifications/exceptions: 

  • Pitching distance 43 feet
    • Call it loose on pitching rules
      As long as pitcher is in contact w rubber when releasing ball she’s OK.  Toe drag is OK but no crow hop or replant.  By calling it loose I mean don’t call illegal if pitcher takes a backstep, does not start w hands apart, does not take signal from catcher (or simulate taking signal from catcher)...pitching rules as written are complicated and umpire could call most pitches in 17u rec illegal even when pitcher gains no advantage. 
  • Forfeit time...15 mins after game time.  Share players if you want.  The idea is to play 
  • Need 8 players to start, continue, finish game 
  • All players must play at least half the game in the field. 
  • All players in batting order 
  • Dropped 3rd strike rule is in affect
  • Infield fly is in affect
  • No inning limit for the pitcher
  • When a walk or uncaught third strike occurs in which the batter is entitled to run, it is treated the same as a batted ball. The batter-runner may continue past first base and is entitled to run toward second base as long as they do not stop at first base, if the pitcher has possession of the ball in the 16-foot circle. If the runner stops after rounding first base, the runner must comply with the Look Back Rule (Rule 8, Sec 2).
  • Base runners can leave their base when the pitcher releases the ball.
  • Games are officially 7 innings long.  No full inning starts after 90 minutes. 
  • 5 run limit per inning except last inning which is unlimited.
    • This means umpire must decide which inning will be the last inning beforehand and announce this to both teams.  So, for example, if the top of the fifth is about to start at the 87 minute mark, the umpire will announce at this point that the 5th inning is the last inning and, therefore, runs are unlimited in that inning.   If, for example, the umpire announces at the 74 minute mark that the upcoming inning is the last inning, and this inning is completed at the 88 minute mark, the game is over at the 88 minute mark.  Once the umpire announces an inning is the last inning, there’s no reversing that decision. 
  • 10 defensive players...4 players must be in outfield grass when pitcher releases the ball. 
  • No metal spikes. 
  • If players leaves game early, her spot in the lineup is not an automatic out...just skip that spot in lineup.
  • Players arriving late, will be added to the bottom of the lineup
  • Runners can continue to advance on a live ball until the pitcher has control, even on an overthrow.  So let's say the bases are loaded, and a ball is bunted, the catcher fields the ball and misses the throw to first base.  As long as the ball is not called out of bounds by the ump, the runner can advance until the pitcher has control of the ball. The ump will never call time on a live ball unless the pitcher has control or the ball is out of bounds at which time the runner will advance one additional base