Gymnastics in Cheerleading

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Can Gymnastics Help you in Cheerleading?


The simple answer to this is YES!  Gymnastics can help you in cheerleading.  The two activities are very similar.  While transitioning from gymnastics to cheerleading requires a few stylistic changes, most gymnasts make the change quite seamlessly and find that their gymnastics training has preparred them for cheerleading in many different ways.



The most obvious activity that gymnistics brings to cheerleading is tumbling.  Cheerleaders who have not had their start in gymnastics work hard to master what are basic skills for gymnasts, such as cartwheels, round-off's, and back handsprings.  A gymnast transitioning into cheerleading will often be ahead of the game, having already mastered these skills, and she can work on what is considered to be elite-level cheer tumbling skills, such as back tucks and full twisting layouts.



Cheerleading calls for properly executed skils to achieve the desired effect.  In cheerleading, a well executed easier skill trumps as a sloppy, difficult skill everytime.  As a result of other training, gymnasts develop a strong amount of body awareness and can to command their body to hold proper form for complicated moves.  This coordination will give gymnasts a head start in learning to execute cheerleading motions while shouting out words, in coordinating arm motions with a jump and in making form adjustments while learning new moves.  A gymnast can often polish her cheerleading skills much more quickly then a non-gymnast can.



Stunting is the part of cheerleading where one or more cheerleaders lifts or tosses another cheerleader into the air.  It requires a high amoung of athleticism, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.  Gymnasts excel in these areas, which makes them successful in all roles of stunting, being a base, top person and spotter.  


OMYA recognizes the imporatance of Gymnastics in Cheerleading - we HIGHLY recommend your child participate in tumbling class or work with a private instructor during the "off-season".

Gymnastics Gyms

Below are several local gymnastics gyms, that offer a variety of classes for your child.

OMYA has no affiliation with any of these clubs, nor do we promote any one specifically.  Parents should contact local establishments directly to inquire on classes, class schedules, prcing, and availability.



216 Najoles Road * Millersville MD 21108


MARYLAND TWISTERS: 410.766.8729 

170 Penrod Court * Glen Burnie MD 21061


FLIP  & SHOUT: 410.729.0100

301 Najoles Road * Millersville MD 21108