OMYA Policies



In order to qualify for a hardship discount from our registration fees, we are required to request the following:

A brief letter explaining the situation that causes the need for a discount. *Does not need to be lengthy, but please be specific. Your letter should be sent via email to . 

Proof of ~ Medical Assistance, Food Stamp Assistance, Cash Assistance or other Federal Program involvement OR Proof of participation in the “Free Lunch” Program in your child’s school.

****If you have received a "Hardship Discount" in a prior season, you cannot qualify for any other forms of discount again******


We recognize the financial hardship placing more then one of your children in a sports program may be on a family. OMYA works hard to keep our registrations as low as possible, as to keep the program affordable for families from all backgrounds. 

Football & Cheer Registration discounts will be given as follows:
1 player ~ Regular Price
2 players ~ $25.00 off regular price
3 players ~ $50.00 off regular price
4 players ~ $75.00 off regular price

**Discounts can only be used for participants who reside in the same home. Proof of residence will be required to be eligible for multi-player discounts. Acceptable proof would be; Copy of Report Cards or Interim, a community pool pass, mail (magazine subscriptions), etc. 


As in years past, we will again require a uniform deposit check for the 2019 Cheer Season.


It is OMYA's policy to request all players give a $150.00 Uniform Deposit check to be dated November 1, 2016. This check will be HELD and only cashed in the event that your child does not return her entire OMYA Uniform. Check cards are also acceptable.

If your child quits the squad before the end of the season (defined as the last game of the players Team), you will have TWO WEEKS to turn in all OMYA Equipment. If, after two weeks, our uniform has not been returned  
**OMYA will cash your Uniform Deposit Check** to recoup our costs.



OMYA Does not issue refunds of any amount, for any reason.


Acceptable Forms of Payment

Effective 1/1/2019, OMYA will no longer accept personal or company checks for registration payments.  Payments may be made via the online webportal, CashApp, PayPal, Credit Card charge, or in-person cash payment to Jenn Ballard.