Kickball Warrior

Kickball Warrior is an option to upgrade registration so you can play on multiple days/teams for a single price. As a Kickball Warrior you are able to play on more than one team on separate days. For example; as a Kickball Warrior, you can register for a team on Sunday and still have the opportunity to play on Saturday and/or play after work under the lights on Thursday night. The cost of a warrior upgrade is an additional $20.00 per player. A special insignia will show everyone that you aren’t just a kickball player…you’re a Kickball WARRIOR!

Kickball Warrior Rules Effective Spring 2018

1. COST: If you wish to be a Kickball Warrior, you will find this option on the registration page. The cost for the Kickball Warrior is an additional $20.00 to your current team registration fee.

2. You will receive one league shirt for the team that you are registered with. This will be your “Home Team”. Your Home shirt will have a special insignia on the sleeve that will indicate that you are a Kickball Warrior.

3. Only a Kickball Warrior (KW) can play multiple days on any team offered during the current season. If you are not a KW you are not permitted to play on days other than the day for that which you are registered. You can, however, play on as many teams and for as many games that you would like to on the same day as a substitute for that which you registered without being a Kickball Warrior. You do not need to be a KW to sub on the same day that you are registered.

4. A KW may only be on 2 team rosters on 2 different days. Team #1 is your Home Team. Team #2 must be on different day. You are not permitted to be rostered on 2 teams on the same day.

5. Kickball Warriors do not count towards the league minimum of 14 rostered players per team.

6. No team may hold any more than 3 KWs.

7. Only rostered players can play during playoffs. Therefore, as a KW, you can play on the two teams that you are currently rostered on during the playoffs.

8. During both the regular season and the playoffs, rostered KWs can be used to meet the minimum game requirement of 8 players. Only rostered players will be counted towards the 8-player minimum.

9. KWs looking for a team may be added to help fill out a roster as exceptions can be made by the Commissioner.


10. Kickball Warriors names will  be put in a weekly drawing for a 12 pack of your beverage of choice* (Budweiser product, soda, or water) delivered to your field.