Tournament Rules

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Tournament Rules

Game rules - We will use CIF rules plus ten second back court violation. 6th Grade Boys and older will use 29.5 regulation men’s basketball unless agreed upon by both teams to use the 28.5 basketball. All girls and 5th grade boys and younger games will use 28.5 regulation basketball. Two free throws will be at 10 team fouls. No 1 and 1 at 7th team foul. Scoreboard score is final (not the book). To win trophies you must win more games than lose.


18 minute modified stop clock per half (stops on all free throws) but will run if a team is winning by 15 points the two minutes of the game. 


Overtime – An overtime period will consist of two (2) minutes of regulation play. After two overtimes sudden death will be enforced in the third overtime.


Timeouts – Each team will have  THREE(3) timeouts per game. Each timeout will be 40 seconds. One (1) additional time out will be granted per overtime period. Time outs do carry over into overtime.

Warm ups and half time may be limited due to time restraints. 

Jerseys:  Home team is the first team or top team listed and must wear white or light colored jersey. 

Tie Breaker System:

1.      Head to Head Play – The team that wins the head to head competition between the two teams will move on.

2.      Point System – A point differential system (among all tied teams) will be used if three or more teams are tied. Teams will receive a maximum + or - 15 points. The team with the most positive points will be 1st place then 2nd place and etc. If two teams are still tied, they would revert to the first tie breaker system.

3.      Least amount of points given up among the tied teams.

4.      Coin Toss 

5.   Whenever there is a tiebreaker issue we have the right to use "common opponent" rules.

Challenges – Challenges cost $50.00, but if you (the challenger) are correct, the team challenged will be disqualified from the tournament and you will receive your $50.00 back. Once the challenge has been made, the proof of burden is on the challenged coach. If the challenged coach shows proof ( a school photo ID or class photo/yearbook is the best) we will reward the challenged coach by giving him the $50.00. Report cards or birth certificates are easily forged so we prefer a photo ID. *Swoosh will do random checks also at no charge so all coaches must have proof of grade and age! 

Player Rules:
Players are not allowed to play on two teams without prior approval by Swoosh.

To play on the last day of the tournament you must have played on a previous day unless the coach emailed SwooshBasketBall@Gmail.Com prior to the start of the tournament.

All coaches must have report cards and birth certificates for ALL players on their team.
If you have a player that is in a higher grade but eligible due to age...the coach must notify Swoosh by email prior to the tournament.

Conduct – All coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team and parents. Conduct of players and coaches should be above reproach both on and off the court. Any misbehavior or misconduct on or off the court will be subject to individual and/or team disqualification from the tournament.