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Swoosh Basketball Tournaments

Go to SwooshBasketball.Org for detailed information 

3-5 games guaranteed for Swoosh weekly tournaments ($250/$225 multiple teams)

All ages from 2nd grade/8u division to Varsity (Boys and Girls) (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)

***Swoosh Super Series***
(The first full weekend of each month)

****** $325/$300 Multiple Teams) ******

1...6 Foot Trophies!

2...No 50 minute games (All games are on the hour)(gives you 30-40 minutes extra playing time per tournament)

3...All Teams can play up to 4-5 games if they get to the Championship Game 

4....Certified for Rankings


One Day Shootouts ($125 Saturday/$100 Sunday for two games...your pick)

* = Shootout team
** = Exhibition team 


To make payment:

PayPal = Swooshbasketball@gmail.com  

Venmo = Mike Alexander @Swooshbasketball 

Credit or Debit Cardhttps://www.leaguelineup.com/miscinfo.asp?menuid=30&url=swooshbasketball

Please mail cashier's checks & school checks to:
Swoosh Basketball
P.O. Box 2686
Orcutt, CA 93457


Call or text the office at 949-424-3141 or email swooshbasketball@gmail.com 

Game times will be posted at 8 pm the Wednesday prior to the tournament.

All coaches must recheck the schedule at 2 pm on Friday.

Door Fee
13 and older = $12 per day
62 and older = $8 per day

5-12 years old = $8 per day
4 and under = Free

Most Swoosh tournaments are Free Parking (Ladera, Maps and Momentous charges) 


July 2020

July 4-5, 2020...The Swoosh Independence Day Classic at Hope University (Fullerton) and Ladera Sports Complex....Cancelled


July 17-19, 2020...The Swoosh One World Championship at Ladera Sports Complex (Cancelled)


July 24-26, 2020... Swoosh Summer Championship at Ladera Sports Complex (Cancelled)




August depends on the virus.


August 2020

August 1-2, 2020...The Swoosh Summer Slam in Orange County

August 8-9, 2020...The Swoosh Summer Madness in Orange County

August 15-16, 2020...The Swoosh Summer Hoopla in Orange County

August 22-23, 2020...The Swoosh End of Summer Classic in Orange County

August 29-30, 2020...The Swoosh Kick-Off Classic in Orange County



September 2020

September 5-6, 2020...The Swoosh Labor Day Classic in Orange County

September 12-13, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Ball in Orange County

September 19-20, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Showdown in Orange County

September 26-27, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Bash in Orange County



October 2020

October 3-4, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Splash in Orange County

October 10-11, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Hoopfest in Orange County 

October 17-18, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Slam in Orange County

October 24-25, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Extravaganza in Orange County

October 31 - November 1, 2020...The Swoosh Halloween Classic in Orange County



November 2020

November 7-8, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Hoopla in Orange County

November 14-15, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Spectacular in Orange County

November 21-22, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Classic at the Maps in Garden Grove

November 28-29, 2020...The Swoosh Thanksgiving Classic in Orange County



December 2020

December 5-6, 2020...The Swoosh Fall Mayhem in Orange County

December 12-13, 2020...The Swoosh Winter Holiday Classic in Orange County

December 19-20, 2020...The Swoosh Winter Madness in Orange County

December 26-27, 2020...The Swoosh Christmas Classic in Orange County 




January 2021

January 2-3, 2021...The Swoosh New Years Classic in Orange County 

January 9-10, 2021...The Swoosh Winter Showcase in Orange County

January 16-17, 2021...The Swoosh MLK Classic Orange County

January 23-24, 2021...The Swoosh Winter Spectacular in Orange County

January 30-31, 2021...The Swoosh Winter Extravaganza in Orange County



February 2021

February 6-7, 2021...The Swoosh Winter Hoopla in Orange County 

February 13-14, 2021...The Swoosh President's Day Classic in Orange County

February 20-21, 2021...The Swoosh Winter Showdown in Orange County

February 27-28, 2021...The Swoosh Winter Bash in Orange County





From our partners in Canada



Lead Instructor

Ronald Hopkins

Founder and Head Coach of Swoosh Canada Basketball

Lead Instructor Swoosh Canada Basketball Winter and Fall Academy

Assistant Coach at Ambrose University

CEO of Swoosh Hospitality "New"

Founder and Lead Instructor Swoosh Homeschool Basketball Academy

Phone 780-200-9053

email coachhopkins45@gmail.com


Welcome to Swoosh...!!!


The "Winter Academy" will focus on in-game skills that will help you to become a better scorer, passer and or defender. We will also teach you a back up move in case you encounter a great defender. We are again helping players improve their fitness and agility as well as their basketball skills.  Our academy is open to any athlete looking to play basketball at the next level and get exposure.  The popularity of this academy has grown and we are expecting to be full again. There are 11 plus sessions on Sundays from September to December.  This academy will help you prepare for high school and or jr. high ball. Come join us and see how we can take your skills to the next level.



September to December

Cost: $275 - Free for Swoosh players if you are signed up for the full year.

Where:  LY Carins

Session:  11:00pm to 2:00pm


Free for Swoosh players who sign up for the year.  Ask for details.



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