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Cooperstown All-Star Village - National Tournament
The most incredible tournament in the nation occurs every summer at Cooperstown All-Star Village in Oneonta, NY (just minutes from the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame). TCR Baseball has sent several teams to this event since 2006.

How To Register

This tournament is designed for the 12yr old levels (players must be 12 and under as of May 1st). Teams consist of 11 players (minimum) , up to 3 coaches and 1 umpire. The cost per player and coach is approx $1250 per kid (based on 11 players on the team and 2 coaches - in 2016). This registration fee includes all lodging expenses and all meals for players, coaches and umpire.  Travel, family lodging and family expenses are not included.

Players will receive the following:  

- 2 jerseys (navy and gray)

- 1 hat

- 1 batting jacket

- 2 pairs of navy socks

- 1 free ticket to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame

- Cooperstown All-Star Village Ring (regardless of wins/losses)

- Free laundry service for all uniforms.  Additional laundry service is available for ~$10.00/week per player if desired.

(Note: Players must bring to 2 pairs of plain white pants with no piping or design and must bring a navy belt)

Coaches receive:

- 2 polos (Navy & Gray)

- 1 batting jacket

- 1 free ticket to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame

- Cooperstown All-Star Village Ring (regardless of wins/losses)

- Free laundry service for all uniforms.  Additional laundry service is available for ~$10.00/week if desired.


Registration and Payments

An initial deposit of $1,000 (with registration for the team) should be submitted with paperwork by Sept 15th (at the latest) to ensure a spot in the tournament the following summer.  Coaches will send 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for the week they would like to play.  A second installment of $2,000 is due on Nov 1st and by Mar 1st the remaining balance will be due.  Once the final payment has been, no refunds will be allowed. Please refer to the team registration packet (at for additional information (as this can change over time).

Tournament Duration and Itinerary

The tournaments are 1 week in length (Sat morning to Fri morning).  Click here for more information.



Lodging for this event varies with each family. Most people rent houses (the houses rent by the week). There are lodges and hotels but they won't be any cheaper. There are also lakehouses for families interested in that. Lodging nearest the park will generally get snapped up during the first weekend in November following the announcement of the teams and dates.  Remember, the facilities are located in Oneonta, NY (not Cooperstown).  Although it's only about a 20 minute drive between the two.

There are many houses within walking distance of the park and provide some unique benefits vs other properties since you'll be spending a bunch of time at the park (2 games on Sun, Mon and Tues and potentially 5 games on Wed and possibly more on Thurs). These properties will go early in Novmeber. You can probably avoid having a rent car if you have these sites.

However, there are other cool locations. Cooperstown Dreams Park is popular and will get snapped up in late November/December. There are several lakes in the area that allow you to do some boating (rentals available). Some teams can organize in small ranch areas that have multiple cabins. There is also "on-site" lodging available for small families, but based on the price houses are still the best way to go.

Everything will key off the distance from Cooperstown All Star Village. As long as you stay within 10-15 miles of the park you will be fine. Plan on $900-$2000 for the week depending on number of bedrooms needed. A $250 deposit will usually secure the housing with a final balance payment due May 1st. If you've ever shopped for ski lodging it is a similar experience.

(2016 Participant) - Coaches Perspective:

1.  I recommend going to All Star Village (not Dreams Park).  The facilities are much nicer and the bunkhouses have A/C (as opposed to Dreams).

2.  I did NOT take an umpire, so I had to pay for one (just rolled that and the coach fees into each of the player fees). 

3.  Budget (not including Travel or family expenses):

 - to cover the entry fee for each player, 2 coaches and not having an umpire, the cost for 2016 was $1,248.00/kid.  If you have more than 2 coaches, then the total costs will rise by $945.00 for each one.

 4.  The parents need to understand that they are on their own for travel and hotel, so the earlier you can start saving and fundraising the better.  Whatever team you're putting together in the fall (before you go), I would recommend having them all sign a contract for 1 year and let them know that as you hit each payment milestone (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) that they are non-refundable (even in the event that a kid gets hurt and can't make the trip).  Of course, you always have the option of looking for another player to fill-in but if it's a last minute situation you'll have a hard time finding someone that will actually pay for it.

 5.  Things to bring:

 -  Black trash bags and tape to cover the windows (there are NO blinds)

 -  1 Combo lock for the equipment bin outside the door.  (there are no locks on the doors to the cabin or individual lockers)

 -  Clothes line and clothes pins for inside

 -  Sharpie pen to label all clothing (personal and uniforms).  

 -  Cooler (designate a parent or multiple parents to bring water bottles and snacks each day for all the kids and coaches)

 -  Mesh laundry bag for each kid

 -  Trading pins - DON'T GO CHEAP.  Ours were very nice and ALL of the teams in Cooperstown wanted to trade with us.  We went with 30/ea, but if you have the funds I'd go with 35-40.  They're about $2.75/ea.

 -  Flip flops and bath caddies for showering.  

 -  Towels & linens.  We just bought the boys cheap pillows and sleeping bags while there at Walmart and donated them afterwards.  You're not gonna want to pack all of that crap.

 -  Bathing Suit

 -  Coaches should bring an egg crate or blow-up mattress for extra support on top of the mattress.

 6.  Designate 1 night during your stay that the parents take the kids for the night to give the coaches a break.  I would try to make this the same day that you decide to go to the Hall of Fame.

 7.  Powdered gatorade for pouring into the water bottles makes it easy.  

 8.  Quarters for the arcade

 9.  An extra pair of baseball socks (if you're going with the knickers).

 10.  2 pairs of plain white baseball pants (any style).  Piping is not allowed.

 11.  If you're planning on letting the boys swim, you need to make sure they all get certified the day of check-in.  Otherwise, it's really difficult to find another time that works for both the kids and the swim instructors.

 13.  Unless you're planning on spending a couple of days in New York City, I would recommend flying into Albany - easier to get in and out of.