What is AA Select Baseball?


Select Baseball is a great opportunity for players to hone their skills and make lifelong friends.  It is also an opportunity to learn better fundamental baseball, commitment, work ethic and most importantly team work. Select baseball offers a progressive path of competition opportunities for players as they improve their skills and have the desire to play more competitive year round baseball.


Who is AA / AAA Select Baseball For?


Our select baseball program is for the player that wants to progress to the next level of competition from the standard recreational league play. Select baseball teams are designed for players with above average playing skills that strive to play with and against like skilled players on a year round playing schedule. Generally meaning more competition, more practice, more commitment and simply more baseball.


What Type of League Does a Select Team Play In?


Each TCR Bobcat team is required to play within the Texas Elite Baseball Assoc. also known as TEBA (www.texaseba.com). TEBA was designed to bring local elite baseball teams together without having the hassles of traveling across Texas to play good quality baseball. All teams associated with TEBA must be sanctioned by a local municipality; no private select teams are allowed to register with TEBA. All game rules and regulations through TEBA are sanctioned via the USSSA guidelines. All games will take place within the northern Tarrant & Denton County area with very little travel involved. The TEBA schedule consists of 10 to 12 league games spread out from the months of March – June and September through the first of November (not including additional tournament play). There will be a combination of weekly games, and weekend double headers.


Player / Parent Expectations:


You can expect the time and cost to be more than when you were just playing on a recreational team.  If considering joining a select team, for the good of the team and your player, please consider carefully if you can commit to the common expectations below.  


  • Typically a Minimum of 2 practices a week
  • 30- 50 games a season including Tournaments – Each team will vary from season to season
  • Weekend tournaments that could involve travel. (Friday – Sunday)
  • Cost will vary per team + fundraising commitments


Attitude is everything. If you feel your son is not mentally “up for the challenge” to commit his spring / summer and or fall days to this team, please consider moving in another direction. We strive for hard work, sportsmanship, discipline, respect and mental focus. If one player on the team can’t fulfill our team “mentality”, it can be devastating to the team as a whole.


It’s very important that you understand that select baseball is very competitive, but a lot of FUN and we strive to keep it that way!!!


Team Goals:


  • Dedication to improvement of self and other teammates.

  • Good professional communication from player and parent

  • Investment of your time for all practices, games and team activities

  • 100% effort from your son at all times.

  • Willingness to listen & learn

  • Great attitude on and off the field (Field, Home & School)

  • Having a “Lombardi” sense of time (15 minutes early is on time)

  • Be accountable & understand the overall “TEAM” dynamic

  • Do your own job and not someone elses

  • Keep it simple and Have Fun While Working Hard


Our expectations are that each player and supporting parent shares the goals and commitment that are conducive to achieving these goals.


Tryout Process:


Tryouts for each of the Bobcat select teams will vary but most teams will host a two day tryout session with a single “reserve” day for 1 on 1 coach look sessions. It is NOT required to attend BOTH days of tryouts, offering a two day tryout session simply allows players to attend one day if the other day is not feasible due to scheduling conflicts. A two day tryout session also allows a player to return for a second day if he feels his initial tryout could’ve been better (evaluation scores will not be combined if a player attends two tryouts, the higher score will take precedent over the lower score). If your son can not participate on either day please contact me to schedule a private 1 on 1 coach look. 


This team is sanctioned under the Bobcat Baseball Organization (BBO) which outlines team classifications and tryouts. All select teams associated with TCRBA will be subject to BBO rules and regulations. All new teams within the organization must hold open tryouts with a minimum of 2 TCRBA board members present.




When our kids learn the game of baseball weather if they know it or not, they are learning about life. They learn persistence, determination, sacrifice, teamwork and most importantly, how to deal with adversity as baseball is a game of failure not a game of success. They form friendships that will extend for a lifetime, and meet mentors who coach them to win and lose with dignity. But most of all they learn to love the game of baseball.