Team Philosophy

Our philosophy is: learn, have fun, grow as a team. We focus on the fundamentals of soccer – foot skills, teamwork, passing, and creativity. We seek to build the confidence of every player and encourage players to challenge themselves and their skills, to believe in themselves, to trust their abilities and to support and encourage their teammates.

Victories are the byproduct of hard work, not how to measure success.

We never forget that soccer is a game, and should be enjoyed as a game. It can teach many lessons in life, especially the values of friendship, hard work, cooperation, self discipline, and humility.

But the ultimate goal is to enjoy each other and the game of soccer. We want every girl to have a positive and rewarding experience. We measure success by how the players improve their skills and understanding of the game, how they respond to each other and to the coaches, and how they grow and mature as individuals and as a team.