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TACKLE FOOTBALL PROGRAM – 3rd through 8th Grades 

The Norwood Raiders Tackle Football Program is designed to promote the game of football, build character, and teach sportsmanship to the youth of our towns.  At the Tackle Program level, greater emphasis is placed on conditioning, positioning, and strategy of the game.  We belong to the BCJFL (Bergen County Junior Football League) and adhere to their rules of play. 

The Tackle Football Program consists of three levels determined by age and grade of the player.

Seniors        Must not have reached their 14th birthday before January 1st of the playing year (shall not be 15 years old during the playing year) and may not be entering a grade higher than 8th.


Must not have reached their 12th birthday before January 1st of the playing year (shall not be 13 years old during the playing year) and may not be entering a grade higher than 7th.
Pee Wee Must not have reached their 10th birthday before January 1 st of the playing year is eligible (shall not be 11 years old during the playing year) and may not be entering a grade higher than 4th.


Each level plays same level teams in the other town programs that are part of the BCJFL.  Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are established for each respective level.  There are no try-outs for any of the levels.  All players are welcome to join and will be coached based upon their abilities.


Equipment is LOANED to each player for the season and is handed out at Equipment Handout Day in August (date/time to be communicated).  ALL equipment MUST be returned at Equipment Return Day in November (date/time to be communicated).  Players may NOT keep their game or practice jerseys or any other equipment.

Each player is fitted with the following protective gear:

  • Helmet that includes a facemask, chin strap, guardian cap, and mouthpiece
  • Shoulder pads
  • Rib Vest
  • Practice Jersey
  • Practice Pants 
  • Game Pants 
  • Game Jersey
  • Belt
  • Game Socks
  • Includes Hip, Knee, Thigh, Tail Pads

All equipment is tested and inspected annually, and reconditioned as needed, to ensure it meets the protective needs of our players. Defective equipment is promptly discarded and replaced. All helmets and pads are fitted to the player’s size by the coaching staff.

You are responsible for supplying:

  • Protective cup/athletic supporter
  • Cleats (NO SCREW CLEATS) - Rubber cleats are allowed and many players wear multi-sport cleated shoes. Baseball spikes are NOT allowed.
  • It is also highly recommending that you purchase a girdle and rib guard with built in pads (available at any sporting goods store).  This assists with ease in getting geared up and eliminates need to put pads in pants after each washing.
  • A drink for each practice and game.


Practices begin in August and run through mid-November for the regular season.  All practices are held at Kennedy Field unless otherwise notified.  Depending upon level, practices can run 1 ½ - 2 hours anywhere between 5:30-8:30 p.m.  Practices will take place three nights per week (M-F) with an additional evening of film study during the season.  Coaching staff will determine practice schedules and communicate regularly to parents.

Football is an all-weather sport, so we practice and play in the rain, snow, etc. unless field is closed by the town, at which time you will be notified by your coach. 


Official game schedules are communicated to parents by the first week of September and will be posted to our website.


Scrimmage games can take place anytime between the end of August and mid-September.  These games are scheduled by the coaches and will be communicated to parents at the beginning of the season.

Regular Season

Season games begin 2nd week of September and run through mid November.

“A” Games are held on Friday evenings or Saturday.  “B” Games are held on Monday evenings.  Order of evening games are normally:            

6:00 Pee Wees (3rd/4th grade)
7:00 Juniors (5th/6th grade)
8:00 Seniors (7th/8th grade) 

There are home and away games throughout the season.  Away games are usually played at similar times at facilities provided by the opponents.   There are no buses for transportation to away games. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to away games or practice scrimmages for players. 

Post Season

The BCJFL sponsors a post season “Super Bowl” tournament for the Junior and Senior levels.  Each of the two conferences in the BCJFL will hold playoffs and a Conference Championship Game.  The winner of each Conference Championship Game will play against each other in a “Super Bowl” game to determine the BCJFL Champion at each level. 

The Raiders football season concludes with our Annual Awards Banquet for players and families, where each team is recognized for its accomplishments during the season


There are many positions to play in the game of football.  For the safety of our own players as well as that of the opposing team, weight restrictions are enforced for players of specific positions, i.e. Running Backs and Wide Receivers as well as Defensive Linebackers and Backs.

The 2020 Maximum weight limits are:

  • Pee Wees – 85 lbs (entire season)
  • Juniors – 112 lbs/115 lbs mid-season
  • Seniors – 140 lbs/145 lbs mid-season

All players in the tackle program are REQUIRED to weigh-in on the Saturday prior to the start of the season (usually first week in September).  All players are officially weighed at a facility designated by the governing board of the BCJFL.  Each player is required to supply a copy of his birth certificate to his coach (in advance).   The league will also require two photos of each player which will be taken by our team photographer at a prior practice.

A player will be considered to have made the weight as long as the scale has not at least reached the next full pound.  For example, if the weight limit is 140 lbs, a player will be considered to not make the weight only if the scale reads 141 lbs or higher.  Anything below 141 lbs, the player would make the weight.


We welcome parents interested in volunteering to help with our Tackle Football Program. In order to assist in any coaching capacity, prospective volunteers must be approved to coach by fulfilling all of the Coaching requirements.  Please refer to the Coaching/Volunteer tab for requirements.