8U Player Expectations

Any girl who attained the age of 6 or 7 or 8 years old on or before January 1st is eligible to play 8U softball. At the 8U Softball level, players hit an 11 inch softball pitched to them by a coach from 35 feet. 

Hitting a pitched softball and softball fundamentals (with league rule modifications) are emphasized to prepare players for the next level. Players are rotated during practices and games to develop their knowledge of various positions.

The primary objective at this level is to ensure that each player has a “positive experience” with softball, desires to play again this following year, and has learned the skills listed below: 

  • Team Concept 
  • Warm Up Techniques
  • Number of Outs per inning
  • Fielding techniques (proper down and ready positions)
  • Uses both hands to catch the ball vs. one handed or trapped catches
  • Understands where to make the defensive play
  • Proper Batting position
  • Proper Baserunning (ball on the ground vs. in the air)
  • Good Sportsmanship (Each game should end with a handshake)

A player is ready to advance out of 8U when the player has learned the skills listed above and is starting to catch the ball with the glove “up” (at face level) as opposed to basket catches with the glove facing down and the player is successful putting the ball in play.  Balls thrown or hits batted at a softball player will usually result in the player making the effort to catch the ball with periodic success.