All lacrosse players must have a US Lacrosse membership.   [More Info]

Great Question! Many parents are eager to see their 3 and 4 year old score their first goal and many times the children say that want that too.  The fact is that a large majority of the 3 and 4 year old soccer players are not ready for that type of activity. Our program is consistent with that of the US Youth Soccer League and is designed to help the children not only gain the skills needed for a successful future in soccer but also the confidence that they need in themselves to be successful in any future endeavors.

The first few sessions in this program will be games involving parents direct one-on-one involvement. As the children become more comfortable with the ball we will begin small group games with the coach to help teach the children to listen while keeping their foot on the ball. Towards the end of the season if the coaches feel the children are ready they will begin small 4v4 games.

You can expect the first few weeks of the novice player to tell you they are bored, they don't want to play and possibly simply sit on the sideline.  Encourage them to join when they are ready and never push them too hard. Many times the hardest hurdle is getting on the field for the little ones. There will be tears shed over who has who's ball as well, be patient the games we play such as "sharks and minnows" teaches the children that it is ok for someone to take the ball away in soccer as it will be returned to you.

The only thing we insist each child walks away with after their experience in our PeeWee sessions is a smile on their face.  We are here to teach them that soccer can be fun! There will be plenty of time in the future for goals scoring!