2012 Varsity Year End Honors and Recognition:

Gatorade Pennsylvania State Player of the Year - Christy Von Pusch - Link to Press Release

Delco Times Player of the Year - Christy Von Pusch

All Delco 1st team - Christy Von Pusch; Honorable Mention - Bari Margolis, Ali Birtwistle, Izzy Schaefer

All Main Line 1st team - Christy Von Pusch, Ali Birtwistle, Becky Maz; 2nd Team - Kyla Crombie, Izzy Schaefer, Bari Margolis; Honorable Mention - Alexa Royle

All Central League 1st team - Christy Von Pusch; 2nd Team - Ali Birtwistle, Becky Maz; Honorable Mention - Kyla Crombie, Izzy Schaefer

Delco Carpenter Cup Team - Ali Birtwistle and Izzy Schaefer both made and played for the Delco Carpenter Cup team (17 player roster of sophs and juniors from Central and Del-Val Leagues, over 30 girls tried out) which went 2-2 in the 2012 Softball Carpenter Cup

Congratulations from the Radnor community on the successful season!

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Radnor has clinched the Central League title for the first time since 1984. See attached PDF for congratulations from the Radnor community.

Link to District 1 AAA playoff info

Click the link district one AAA playoff info for district 1 AAA softball playoff info. The brackets are currently set up but won't be filled in for awhile.

The first round of the playoffs starts May 23 but Radnor is expecting to get a bye. The second round beings Friday May 25th.

Link to articles in the Suburban (Main Line Media News) and Radnor Patch

Click this link - click here - to read May 7 article in the Suburban entitled "Radnor softball squad wins first Central League title since 1984"

Click this link - click here - to read May 17 article in the Suburban entitled "Radnor softball squad completes best-ever regular season"

Click this link - click here - to read the May 30 article in the Radnor Patch entitled "Congratulate Radnor's Softball Team On A Job Well Done"

2012 - RHS Varsity Softball Team

Picture taken by Alena Margolis 5/2/12
Bottom Row (L to R) - Alexa Royle, Kyla Crombie, Morgan Campbell, Holly Pachella
Middle Row (L to R) - Jamie Gorson, Becky Maz, Isabel Schaefer, Blake Massaro, Michelle Gorson, Taylor Furey
Top Row (L to R) - Coach John Schaefer, Coach Amy Wess, Ali Birtwistle, Christy Von Pusch, Bari Margolis, Coach Jessica Verguldi-Scott

2012 - RHS softball clinic

The 2012 RHS softball clinic was held at RHS Loop field Sunday, April 29th.
Varsity players in the top row from left to right are:
Jamie Gorson, Michelle Gorson, Bari Margolis, Alexa Royle, Christy Von Pusch, Becky Maz, Kyla Crombie, Blake Massaro, Morgan Campbell, Taylor Furey, Isabel Schaefer, Ali Birtwistle and Holly Pachella