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Sports Forms

Forms for youth players and county league coaches...

NOTE: The forms below are available in two different formats. Form listed as "PDF" can be printed and filled in by hand. The Excel form is listed as "Template/ Excel". The form can be typed, saved on your hard drive, and printed.

Youth Player Forms
>> Youth Player Contract and Youth Player Release Form (PDF) youth_player_contract.pdf or (Excel) youth_player_contract2(excel).xls
Youth Player Contract must be completed by each youth player and their parent. This form includes player's agreement, tobacco free sports promise and code of conduct plus the parent's pledge, parent's code of conduct and parent's permission.

Youth Player Release form must be completed and attached to the Youth Player Contract with the new organization in order for the contract to be valid.

Youth and Adult Coaches' Forms
>> Head Coach's Pledge(PDF) coaches_pledge.pdf or (Excel) coaches_pledge(excel).xls
>> Youth Sports Team Roster(PDF) youth_roster.pdfor (Excel)youth_roster(excel).xls
>> Adult Sports Team Roster(PDF) adult_sports_team_roster.pdf
>> Adult Add and Drop Form(PDF) AdultSportAddDrop.pdf or(Excel) AdultSportAddDrop(excel).xls
>> Background Investigation Authorization Form(PDF) background.pdf
>> Commissioner Form(PDF) CommissionerFormGirls.pdf"> or(Excel)CommissionerFormGirls.xls
>> Team Registration Form (PDF) RegistrationFormGirls.pdf"> or (Excel) RegistrationFormGirls.xls