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Guidelines Rules:

1. We have to be there by the appropriate time required. The age requirement is 14 and older.
2. We enter near the loading dock of Comcast. Your name will be on a list so that you are able to enter.
3. Must wear jeans/pants (no holes), shoes and SOCKS (closed toe - gets filthy in there) and a T-shirt of some sort. We will get a "Concessions shirt" when we get to our stand that we put on over top of the shirt we wore (sizes are huge). We leave the shirt there when done.
4. We MUST wear a hat. The hat can only be a hat from our organization or a Terps hat. Nothing from the ACC or anything else. If you don't wear a hat, they'll give you a paper one to wear.
5. We have not been assigned a specific stand yet. In any case, we will still have a concession stand manager available to us at all times to help us with any problems, etc. The manager will also help us get started, etc.
6. There are from 6 - 7 cash registers to run. They look pretty easy to run. They only accept cash, credit cards (any kind) and "Maryland Debit student Cards". The register person only does the register. It's like a big calculator, so if you mess up its' cool. They figure out earnings through pre game and post game inventory and not what the register says.
7. In between the register people will be the people who get the order, make drinks, etc. Then there are like 2-3 people in the very back, making the stuff.
8. Each person is allowed to eat/drink only $8.50 of food. Cannot be
packaged items (chips, etc.), large drinks, or crab cakes(depending on the stand we get). It has to be tallied too.
9. There will be a spoilage box (includes dropped items, returned items, etc.). If in doubt, put it in that box. We are not accountable for that stuff and it is not deducted from us.
10. Name tags, badges, etc. and other forms of advertisement for our group are not allowed.