MYBA - Lady Wildcats - High School

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USJN - Big Apple Challenge - New Jersey

May 29, 2016

All Star teams

Pool F

  • Destiny Galloway, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U16)

Pool H

  • Jazmyne Scott, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U16)
  • Katelyn Watson, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U16)



USJN - East Coast Clash - Westminster, MD

May 8, 2016

All Star teams

Pool D

  • Jaden Bynum, MD - 1on None (u16)
  • Rachel Dunie, VA - Elevate Elite (U17)
  • Mya Lewis, PA - Philadelphia Belles (U17)
  • Camille Sims, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U16)
  • Hannah Smith, VA - Elevate Elite (U17)
  • Emily Todd, MD - 1onNone (U16)

Pool F

  • Jasmine Dickey, MD - Lady Tigers (U16)
  • Destiny Galloway, MD - MYBA Lady Wildcats (U16)
  • Aloni Quille, MD - MYBA Lady Wildcats (U16)
  • Jasmen Walton, MD -Lady Tigers (U16)



USJN Big Apple Challenge - New Jersey

May 23, 2015

All Star teams

Pool G

  • Cameron Corbett, NY - Staten Island Finest (U17)
  • Megan Mcewan, NY - Staten Island Finest (U17)
  • Alesha Moses, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U17)
  • Anjelica Regine, NY - Staten Island Finest (U17)
  • Abby Schroth, PA - Fundamentally Sound Basketball (U17)
  • Julia Sirotnak, PA - Fundamentally Sound Basketball (U17)
  • Tessa Zamolyi, PA - Lehigh Valley Outcasts (U17)

 Pool H

  • Taylor Gunther, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U17)
  • Kayla Johnson, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U17)


USJN Southern Spring Classic - Greensboro, NC

April 24, 2015

From the Insider Exposure Scouting Service:

Kaneshia Afi - 5'5" CG - MYBA Lady Wildcats - 
The older of 2 sisters, Kaneshia is a crafty point guard with handles and the ability to get to the basket. She's a gritty player with some athleticism who can make plays. Definitely with monitoring at the low D-1 or High D-2 level.

Imani Afi - 5'5" CG - MYBA Lady Wildcats -
Imani is an ultra athletic combo guard who despite not being a great shooter, is hard to stop because she is so quick and so expolsive. Keeping her from driving is nearly an impossible task. I consistently saw her drive in between gaps in zone and she is an above average finisher. Needs to work on her perimeter jumper but she's a surefire D-1 player with continued development.

Sydney Faulcon - 6'2" Post - MYBA Lady Wildcats -
The Glen Burnie, MD native has some real positives. The obvious is her height, but she's also built very solidly for a player her age. She's got good hands and finishes fairly well around the basket. Going to be a D-1 player with continued development.

All Star team - Pool B

  • Imani Afi, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U17)
  • Kaneshia Afi, MD - MYBA Wildcats (U17)
  • Tyranny Bethea, NC - UAA (U17)
  • Kaylee Cotton, KY - Team Slink (U17)
  • Madison Heckert, KY - Team Slink (U17) 
  • Khamele Manning, SC - Dillon BigShots Girls (U17)
  • Mykia Williams, NC - UAA (U17)
  • Emma Young, KY - Team Slink (U17)


Lady Wildcats at USJN showcase in Hershey PA, June 22 - 24

June 22, 2013



2012 MYBA Lady Wildcats

Coach: Terry Oliver


MYBA 2012 Lady Wildcats in Richmond, VA
Showcase event sponsored by Blue Chip Basketball