12U Player Expectations

Any girls who will attain the age of 11 or 12 years old on or before January 1st shall be eligible to play 12U. The 12U level is both competitive and instructional with more emphasis on the competitive aspects of the game. Coaches focus on fielding a competitive team while also providing the players with a fun learning experience. All players adhering to attendance guidelines are ensured playing time.

Players should focus on refining their softball skills with a strong emphasis on consistency. Often the difference between and average player and a good player is the ability to consistently execute the required skills.

Players in the 12U Level should:

  • Come to time to practice and be prepared for practice or games
  • Show proper batting stance, bat position, and swing execution
  • Understand the Dropped 3rd Strike Rule
  • Understand the Infield Fly Rule
  • Reasonable competence in making contact with the ball
  • Know the difference between bunting for a base hit and a sacrifice bunt
  • Know Proper Baserunning Techniques
  • Exploding off the base after the ball crosses the plate
  • When to tag up vs. going half way
  • Proper sliding techniques
  • Taking a secondary lead
  • Execute proper pitching motion
  • Use Catching skills (Blocking the plate with the ball, blocking wild pitches, throwing our runners)
  • Cover bases correctly when receiving a throw or fielding a ball
  • Understand how to go back on a fly ball
  • Execute a run down – both as a fielder and as a runner
  • Know what can happen after a ball is caught in foul territory
  • Understand the “Catch and Carry Rule”
  • Use the relay man from outfield or throw home if needed
  • Cover all bases and backs up other players after a hit
  • Always demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field (no bad mouthing other players) 


Team Resource Binder:

Our Signs and Defensive Plays (Team Handout)

Pre-Game Warm-up Schedule

Skills Needed to Play a Position

Plays to Study

Blank Field Diagrams - Where's the Play

Outfield and 1st and 3B Defensive Scenarios 

Pitcher and Catcher Drills and Communication


Practice Plans:

Throwing, Bunting, Situational and Base Running (VD)

Batting Drills, Ground Ball and Agility, Throwing and Receiving 


League Info:

12U League Rules

12U Playoff Schedule