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Updated July 2019


The rules below will apply in pickup games when both Senior and Super Senior division players compete together particularly during the summer recess from JCP.


1) Infield fly rule is in effect.


2) Runners may leave the bag once the ball passes the front of the plate (as is USA rule). If a runner is used from home, the runner cannot leave until the ball is struck.


3) Overthrow at any base, runners can advance as far as they would like (with the risk of being thrown out).The exception is IF the umpire rules the ball is out of play because of sideline player interference or going out of the field of play


4) “Yellow Hat” rule - If a player over 80 years of age hits a ball that rolls into the outfield, HE cannot be thrown out at first.

  • A “yellow hat” may not be doubled at first except when a courtesy runner from home is taken. THEN there can be a double play.)

  • The “pole” rule (or line) is only in effect for yellow hat players. For all other batters, the outfielders may play anywhere in fair territory on the grass. (the “Yellow Hat” rules are NOT in effect IF a runner is used from home plate)


5) A pinch runner may replace a base runner on any base prior to that pitch being thrown.(faster runner for slower runner IS allowed)

  • Pinch or courtesy runners may run only twice per game. They must announce whether first or second time.

  • A runner from home plate is NOT counted as one of their two times.

  • The same runner from home at each plate appearance by the individual batter. Must make the decision before his first at bat. (unless there is an injury.)

  • If a player elects to take a runner from home, he must always take a runner from home for that game.

  • A runner can run from home plate only for the designated batter. (he cannot courtesy run from home for two different batters)

  • (All other base running rules apply per USA and JSSA UNIFIED modifications.) 


6) Any CONTACT is to be avoided on the base paths. IF a player makes contact with a fielder at second or third, the player is out. (Unless, in the opinion of the umpire the fielder intentionally moved into the runner).

  • IF there is contact, the double pay is automatic (even for a “yellow hat”)

  • If the runner is in the way of the throw of the fielder and makes contact with the ball, interference is called on the play and the out is automatic.


7)  When playing with 11 players, there must be 4 outfielders. (outfielders must be in the grass, not the dirt area) and 4 infielders. Infielders  can play as deep as they want, including in the grass.


  • The middle fielder can play in the outfield or the infield. (and of course pitcher and catcher)

  • `When “yellow hats” are batting, the infielders can play as deep as they desire with only the outfielders being required to stay behind the “pole”.

  • If playing with more than 11 players in the field. The extra players can play in either the infield or outfield at their discretion and can  change for each batter.

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