Boys basketball season begins in September with optional open gyms and tryouts. Practices begin in October. You can find announcements on the Important News tab on your left OR on our facebook page HERE.
 Athletic Director: Jason Kile (517) 861-6475
Teams are competitive and not recreational. We are focused on the development of each player and welcome them regardless of skill level. 

Elementary (12 & Under) Program: This level is considered an introduction for kids and families to the HAACH program. While developing the player’s skills and understanding of teamwork and good sportsmanship, the emphasis should be on having fun and on making sure all kids are allocated approximately equal playtime. It is important that young kids not be discouraged or bored at this level due to too much bench time thus the emphasis is to draw new kids and families to the program and be certain to allow kids to have fun while testing their skill at this level.

Junior High (14 and Under) Program: Amount of playtime will depend more on athlete’s level of ability and as game situations dictate. While each athlete should receive some playing time in every competition, it may not be equal time in each competition. If a player does not receive much playing time one game he/she may receive more the next. In the case of large leads players will be rotated through on a fairly even basis.

High School (J.V.- 16 & Under Varsity – 18 & Under) Program: Amount of playing time is solely at the coach’s discretion. The coach will decide which players at any given time will maximize the “teams’” ability to compete in the games at the highest level. The coach will take into consideration player’s skill level, attitude, attendance at practices and games. 


Dates are scheduled for early/mid October for boys and early December for girls. We try to do 2 dates so we have some flexibility with players that can only attend one, but prefer them to be at both so we can organize teams. In cases of limited gym availability, there will only be 1 dates for tryouts. We will post the date(s), times, and locations on the website's calendar and our Facebook page. Cuts will only be made if there are more than 12 players coming out for the team.
Information on each team level: Schedules may be accessed on the 'Full Calendar' link. They are subject to change. For more information about HAACH policy, coach and player guidelines to include playtime guidelines, please see our Handbook located under the 'Handouts' link on the left.
Parental Involvement: Parents are required to volunteer in some capacity. For a list of opportunities, please check out our "Volunteer" page, HERE
ScholarshipsScholarships are considered on a case-by-case basis and must have approval of the board. Please contact the Basketball A.D. if you are facing a financial hardship and would like to request a scholarship. 

JV: Steve Baker (248) 912-5545

Junior High: Steve Schultz (517) 295-7214

Elementary: Luke Rabideau (810) 620-2674

Elementary and Junior High: Boys Elementary and Junior High season will run prior to the girls from early November through late February ending with a league tournament.  We will include some games with fellow homeschool groups.  Commitment is generally 3x weekly but due to gym availability there will be some weeks with 4 practices/games.  Gym location and therefore, practice days and times are typically scheduled by the evaluations. Usually there will be one practice and two games. Tournaments include Washtenaw Christian's preseason tournament (JH only) and the Homeschool State tournament (Mt Pleasant, MI) in late February. Travel and accommodations to tournament is not included in registration fees. 
Junior Varsity and Varsity:  Practices begin early November; season runs through end of February. Gym location and therefore, practice days and times are typically scheduled by the evaluations. Commitment is generally 4x weekly with an end of season state tournament as well as 1-3 additional tournaments, if possible. As a general rule, we don't schedule games or practices on Wednesday nights.
This is for competitive high school players. At pre-season evaluations the coaches will evaluate skill level and determine placement of players but usually freshman and sophomore players will remain on JV. The commitment is 3-4 times a week . Travel to away games will vary from 30- 90 minutes. The team plays about 20 games and attends the Homeschool State Tournament in Mt Pleasant in late February. We will be adding 1-3 additional tournaments when possible. Travel and accommodations to tournaments is not included in the player registration fee.



We are working hard toward changing our fee structure in a way to make it easier for more families to participate. We will update this section of the website as soon as possible.

Elementary and Junior High: Teams will participate in a local league with private schools as well as some homeschool games.  The season will begin early January.  Commitment level is 3x weekly.  Practices are 2 hours in length.   They will participate in the homeschool state tournament in February and a league tournament in late March.  Practice days, times and locations will be decided by end of summer, hopefully, as gym locations are figured out. 
Junior Varsity and Varsity: JV age is 16, Varsity age is 18 as of Sept. 1, 2007.  Season begins in early to mid-November and ends in late February with the homeschool state tournament.  Commitment is 3x weekly/2 hour practices.  
**Info to be added soon