Americas Bat Co.

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Zinger Bat Company has set the new standard in professional baseball bat production. We use state of the art computer technology, production machinery, and manufacturing techniques to produce customized baseball bats for professional baseball players around the world.  Our high standards of quality and detailed finish have allowed us to consistently create baseball bats that are harder and last longer than the typical wood bat.  We have been creating custom bats for professional players since 1998.   

Zinger Bat Company invites you to see for yourself why so many 

Professional, College and High School players choose Zinger Bats!

Zinger bats are produced using the finest Grade of Rock Maple and Northern Ash.  Our Professional X Series baseball bats are guaranteed 20 inches of straight grain with customized length to weight ratio.  Our hand dipping process produces a professional finish on every bat.  Visualize a powerful wood bat in your hands, hitting a baseball harder than you ever have before!  The Zinger Professional X Series bat you select will give you the performance you are looking for! 


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