2019 Meeting Minutes

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Date/Time:     Wednesday February 27th, 2018 – 7:15PM


Location:         Legion Upstairs




In Attendance: (bold indicates attendance)




Al Bales, Paul Piellusch, Chris Pulfer, Keith Beechey, Jerry Muirhead, Randy Hipkin, Larry Turner, Chuck Cragg, Steve Black, Dane Eldridge, Rob Farah, Doug Dwyer, Steve DeLand, Jeff Dancey, Ed Hopkins, James Taylor, Dave Fleming, Gord Tanner, Don Booth, Hugh Armstrong, Denis Short, Lou Conforti, Dave Polny, Paul Gyori, Jason Bowers, Tim Schrank, Scott Peters, Peter Hayward, Will Goodin, Peter Hollmann, Kevin Clouthier, Kevin Boston, Jim Smith, Geoff Keough, Robert Jordan, Tim Osmond, Bob Candy




Guests: Daryl Hagar, Matt Saunders, Dave Storms, Dave Connolly




Minutes in blue, action items in purple, motions in red.





Call to Order/Opening Remarks

·         Meeting began at 7:15pm

·         Keith Beechey is representing Tottenham Twisters

·         Opening remarks from Doug

·         Financial matters for the league will now be dealt with during executive meetings instead of AGM

·         Doug outlined importance of financial decisions that need to be made over the next few years (e.g., to ensure that fees stay as low as possible we need to continue to be fiscally responsible)

·         Review of Key Dates for 2019:

o   Town Budget passes, including decision on lights and user fees. February 11th. We will hit our target for getting lights at C1

o   Executive Meetings, Legion Last Wednesday of the month Feb-Sep

o   In Person Registration, Legion March 3rd, 17th, 24th from 1-3pm.

o   Rookie Night, Legion April 4th, 7pm

o   Draft Day, Legion April 6th, 1pm

o   Opening Day, Keogh Park May 6th, 7pm

o   Golf Tournament June 15th

o   HTKP Tournament, Coventry July 5th, 6th, 7th

o   August Tournament (Sponsor Pending), Coventry August 9th, 10th, 11th

o   Playoffs, Keogh & Coventry September 9th-15th

o   Banquet, Tottenham Community Center October 19th, 6pm

o   Annual General Meeting, Legion November 16th, 1pm

Doug Dwyer




Current Financial Status

·         Financial statements were handed out and briefly reviewed

·         Going forward, financial reports will be high level only (i.e., on target, not on target)

·         Motion to accept by Jason Bowers, seconded by Don Booth, passed unanimously

Robert Jordan


·         Old Business (carry-over from AGM)

1.      Vote on whether we will do Father / Son this year and Father / Son – In – Law as was done last year. (2 min)

·         Rob Farah motioned to accept Father / Son, seconded by Gord Tanner, passed by majority, 1 opposed, 1 abstention

·         Some discussion about Father / Son-In-Law (spouse of relation) and concern over some teams having large blocks of “related” people on the same team. Right now there are only 2 families/teams where this applies.

·         Gord Tanner motioned to accept Father / son-In-Law (spouse of relation) , seconded by Chuck Cragg, passed by majority, 5 opposed, 1 abstention

2.      Proposal from Gord Tanner: Proposes that helmets are used at the discretion of players and that two (2) helmets will continue to be decided by each team. (5 min)

·         Discussion (repeated points were cut off) followed by a vote. Vote followed our Executive Committee format of 1 vote per team and executive member, excluding the sitting president. The same process will be followed for 2.C,

·         Keith Beechey motioned to accept, Bob Candy seconded, passed by majority, 3 opposed, 1 abstention

3.      Proposal from Jim Smith: Proposes that once an offensive player passes the commit line, they cannot be tagged; and must only be forced out at home plate. (5 min)

·         Paul Piellusch, seconded by Chuck Cragg, not passed.

4.      Proposal From Kevin Boston: Recommend that Article 2, Sections D,E,F,G & M are moved to the equipment section of the Constitution. (5 min)

·         Deferred to next meeting



Status Reports

·         Ball Tournaments (August & Playoff) Geoff Keogh (2 min)

o   Meeting next week, more details to report at next executive

·         Help The Kids Play - Tim Osmond (5 min)

o   52 applications last year (largest ever)

o   348 total applications

o   18 applications this year

o   Age limit is 16 (guideline only)

o   Hockey, soccer, swimming are most popular

o   There will be more of a presence earlier in the season to get more people involved

·         Light It Up! Paul Piellusch (5 min)

o   Final planning meeting on March 4th, after that it will be auctioning items

o   Paul walked through handouts (budget)

o   Need to raise 16k this year

o   Euchre tournament donated $300

o   John Genova pledged $10 per paving job this year

o   Rob Farah raised awareness at Tottenhug

o   $750 has been raised from promotion on web site

o   F&P are also trying to raise money

o   Raptors and Blue Jays have been approached (hoping to get items to raffle off)

o   Oldtimers Fantasy league proposed

o   Taste of Freedom has been approached

o   Paul presented a Light it Up logo (new branding)

o   T-shirts will be made with the logo ($20)

o   Opportunities for August tournament (sponsors, karaoke)

o   2 poker nights and a hockey pool planned

o   Rubber bracelets created but only expect to break even

o   Community week booth will be set up

o   Raffles are expected

o   Timeline to deliver money to town - Fall of 2019

·         Ratings Committee Keogh (2 min)

o   One meeting complete

o   1 team didn’t submit ratings, 2 teams didn’t submit final recommended player rating

o   60 players have been recommended by captains to either be moved up or down

o   Next meeting on March 6

o   There will be a proposal made by the ratings committee to alter the way the ratings are calculated (e.g., weighting some categories higher or lower than 10 points)

·         Golf Tournament Committee Jason Chiovitti / David Connolly (2 min)

o   Review of last year’s tournament (winners, donated prizes, challenges with start time)

o   Fees will go up slightly but early bird fee will be the same

o   Looking for hole sponsors, prizes, volunteers

·         Equipment Update David Fleming (2min)

o   Same price for jerseys, balls, and bases

o   Looking at buying one bat per team

·         Registration Update Keogh (2 min)

o   124 players registered so far

o   Overall, slightly ahead of last year

o   Less rookies compared to last year so far



 New Business

Open Floor 

·         Doug asked the executive members to start creating a transition plan for a new president

·         Motion to adjourn Rob Farah, seconded by Paul Piellusch, passed unanimously.